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What are the accessories for folding doors? How to install the folding door?


Abstract: Folding doors have become the darling of the building materials market because of their elegant appearance, convenient use, space-saving, high sealing performance, partition and screen functions, and are widely used in kitchens, factories, workshops and other living areas. Accessories are also very important when choosing a folding door, so what are the accessories for sliding folding doors? How to install the sliding door is the best? Let's take a look at the knowledge of folding doors together.

1. What are the accessories for folding doors?

1. Track

It is best to choose 204 stainless steel pulleys, followed by copper materials, and other materials are prone to rust during use. problems such as shedding.

2. Hinge

Materials are: copper, iron, stainless steel, etc. The thickness is 16-20 mm. Users can decide according to the actual situation.

3. Supporting feet

Made of iron tubing and not adjustable. Including: expansion screw, shrink sleeve and other components.

4. Handle

The main function is to facilitate pushing and pulling. The style, type and shape of the handle are varied and highly decorative.

5. Sliding door hanging wheel

Determine the service life. It includes: a pulley block and a connecting piece, which are composed of a fixed piece and a moving piece.

2. How to install folding doors

1. Determine the location

First of all, we need to determine the installation position before installing the folding door. If it is used as a kitchen door or toilet door, it should be installed in the middle of the door frame; if it is used as a partition of the living room, we must determine the location, leave the corresponding space, and measure the straight line length, and then confirm whether the length of the track is correct. If the track is relatively long, use a ruler to measure the length and mark it. The sliding of the door.

2. Insert the folding door

Pick up the slideway, insert the folding door into the slideway in the bundled state, and push it to the middle of the slideway. The bundled state is more convenient for installation. Pushing to the middle is to prevent accidental sliding during installation. fell off the road.

3. Fixed

Before fixing, confirm the direction of the handle, whether you are used to pulling it to the left or right, and choose the corresponding direction according to your habits. After confirming, start to install the track, install it in the order of the middle and then both sides, and screw the screw into the track with an impact drill And the door frame or wall, because the door frame or wall is relatively thick, it is difficult to screw in the screws with a screwdriver alone, so use the force of the impact drill to untie the rope that binds the folding door after installing the screws.

4. Insert the rubber sleeve

Pull the folding door open, compare the position of the magnet on the door, and determine the position of the magnet on the wall or the door frame. After determining the position of each magnet, drill a hole with a percussion drill to a depth of about four centimeters, and then Drive the rubber sleeves into the holes, and then drive the rubber sleeves in turn.

5. Fixed iron absorbing plate

Push the folding door to the middle again, pick up the iron absorbing plate, align the hole on it with the hole of the rubber sleeve, use a screwdriver to screw the screw into the rubber sleeve until the iron absorbing plate is fixed, and use the same steps to install each absorbing iron The panels are all fixed, and then the folding door is opened, and the side without the handle is absorbed with the suction iron plate, so that the folding door is installed.