Aluminium profiles

Decorative aluminum profile:

The production series include 55-120 sections to meet the needs of the market engineering and home improvement market;

The company has strong research and development capabilities, can design and manufacture with drawings and samples, and provide one-stop services such as optimized design.

Industrial aluminum profile:

The company's products cover 5G communications, automotive lightweight, new energy,new infrastructure, etc.

Can produce 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx five series of alloys;

The company has the research and development strength of industrial alloys



Baydee Company fully introduces advanced equipment and production technology, and uses high-quality primary aluminum to create high-quality aluminum profiles. The company’s products cover two major sectors, industrial aluminum profiles and architectural decorative aluminum profiles.


Baydee’s industrial profiles cover new energy vehicles, new infrastructure, 5G communications, consumer electronics, smart equipment and other fields. They can be treated with a variety of surface treatments to meet T6 standards and meet the quality requirements of industrial aluminum; the decorative aluminum profile series includes system doors and windows, Decorative curtain walls, floor bomb doors, antique windows, sun rooms, etc., with a wide variety of designs and colors, no solder joints, strong decoration, beautiful and durable, and can meet the diverse needs of customers.


Company will adopt the spirit of development and innovation, adhering to the concept of “craftsmen in a big country”, to realize “built in China”, and accelerate the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of building industrialization, intelligentization, and low-carbon,environmentally friendly, and energy-saving system doors and windows, and help the country realize the “carbon uptake”. The strategic goals of “peak” and “carbon neutrality”.

Aluminum alloy
Surface treatment
mill finish, sandblasting, anodizing, electrophoresis, polishing, power coating, PVDF coating, wood transfer, etc.
Payment terms
30% deposit, 70% balance before shipping by T/T; L/C at sight
  • Fully introduce advanced production equipment and production technology to continuously improve the company’s production capacity.
  • Possess advanced production equipment such as large-tonnage extruder, vertical spraying, thermal insulation, high-grade wood grain transfer, film coating, etc., with high production efficiency;
  • Imported German inverted microscope, photoelectric spectrum analyzer, aging testing machine, salt spray testing machine, advanced and complete testing equipment.
  • Testing covers the entire field of production and sales, and achieves closed-loop quality control such as raw and auxiliary materials incoming inspection, production process control inspection, and finished product and semi-finished product quality inspection.
  • The surface coating treatment process can improve the weather resistance of the surface of the profile and meet the diversified needs of the market;
  • Electrostatic spraying, high-quality powder is selected, the coating is smooth and uniform, the surface has a strong metal texture, zero formaldehyde release, environmental protection and health;
  • The wood grain heat transfer process, the texture is clear and lifelike, and the 3D wood grain has a strong sense of three-dimensionality.


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