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Are you concerned about broken bridge aluminum doors and windows?


Building doors and windows are the bridge between indoor and outdoor, and comfortable buildings are all ingenious in the use of doors and windows. You pay more attention to furniture and decoration, but have you paid attention to doors and windows? How much does doors and windows have to do with our architecture, life, and living environment? We once or ignored her, and now we should pay more attention. The importance of doors and windows is too much

The concept of comfort and health is the main signature of almost all building materials. But health is far more than the absence of formaldehyde. Household dust and noise are often important invisible health killers. If the dust is heavy, there will be more bacteria; if there is a lot of noise, how can you talk about comfort? Are your windows soundproofed? Do you only know how harmful noise is when you have children and the elderly living at home? To solve the noise problem and improve the performance of doors and windows is the key to the solution.

Most of the indoor noise is caused by the air tightness and sound insulation of doors and windows. Similar to heat insulation, to solve the sound insulation of doors and windows (to ensure a comfortable, quiet and healthy home), we advocate insulating glass, triple glass, and tempered glass for glass; bar) use better materials.

How important is the energy saving of doors and windows in the home to the energy saving of buildings? According to the data provided by industry experts, the current building energy consumption accounts for 40% of the total social energy consumption. Choosing energy-saving doors and windows will not only make the living room more comfortable, cool in summer and warm in winter, but also save electricity and reduce energy consumption.

The performance of doors and windows has a long-term impact on a family, directly affecting the quality of life of the whole family! Doors and windows are the largest hot and cold entrances and exits of a building. A window is good, but you may ignore it when you are in it. We only think that this house is very comfortable, the temperature is suitable, and it is quiet. A window of poor quality, you You will find that when it is cold in winter and hot in summer, you will blame the air conditioner or heating for lack of power, but you don’t know that the doors and windows are not insulated, not insulated, and not soundproof! What's more, there is air leakage and water seepage, even if you remove the window, it is unbearable torment if you don't remove it.

A good mood is a priceless thing! But in reality, many exterior door and window handles are loose within a year, and the windows either cannot be closed or cannot be pushed. Why do good doors and windows bring good mood? Because our action in the morning and the night is to open and close the window. Most people don't know the number of times the doors and windows are opened, far more than the number of times the furniture and appliances are turned on and off. If you choose good door and window hardware accessories, you also choose a happy mood!