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What is the lifespan of doors and windows? Influenced by what factors?


The house is lived for decades, do you know how long the life of good doors and windows is? Good doors and windows can last the same life as our buildings.

Everyone says that when buying doors and windows, you need to choose good doors and windows. What kind of doors and windows are good doors and windows? What kind of doors and windows can live the same life as our buildings? Modern people choose doors and windows around these 16 words.

The life of doors and windows will have a very important relationship with its own performance. The performance of doors and windows includes sound insulation, heat insulation, sealing, safety, wind pressure resistance, and air tightness. Doors and windows help us solve living problems such as loud noise, cold winter and hot summer, and safety from the root.

Doors and windows with a long life are also not good in the material of the doors and windows themselves. How to judge the qualified material? Qualified material: reliable, safe, long service life! For doors and windows, if the reasonable structure is the skeleton, the fine craftsmanship is the soul, then the qualified material is the body. Without qualified materials, it is impossible to have good doors and windows.

Hardware accessories are also the main factors that determine the quality of windows. The price, grade and life of hardware are the key factors that restrict the value and life of doors and windows. It determines the service life of doors and windows, and also affects the energy-saving effect of doors and windows. Good hardware is very It is thick, and the surface gloss is better, there is no scratching phenomenon, repeated opening is flexible, and the service life is long. The surface of inferior hardware is relatively rough, uneven coating, impurity, non-corrosion, difficult to open after a long time, easy to damage, short service life.

Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are not a simple combination of materials. They are realized through the overall design optimization of structural safety and reliability and the selection of different materials. The design, assembly and installation methods are flexible and changeable, and directly affect the various aspects of doors and windows. performance indicators, as well as safety and reliability.

The weather resistance, thermal insulation and sound insulation test results of aluminum alloy door and window frames prove that the wall thickness of aluminum alloy doors and windows can reach the national standard and can be used for 10 years, and the good service life is about 30 years.

The quality of many products determines the service life of doors and windows. If the doors and windows are used as indoor and outdoor viewing windows and decorations, but they cannot achieve the effects of sound insulation, heat insulation, and waterproofing, what use do we need for such doors and windows?

In fact, as long as you know more about the relevant door and window information before purchasing, you will not take a detour. Through the brief introduction of the editor of Baydee uPVC Profiles, I believe you have understood it, and we will continue to share the knowledge of doors and windows in the future.