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There are many uses for aluminum alloy door and window accessories. Use these accessories to improve the installation effect by 50%


Today, I will take you to know other auxiliary materials of aluminum alloy doors and windows, understand their functions, and better understand the importance of door and window installation.

01 What is the use of aluminum alloy door and window accessories?

In addition to the three types of sealing materials mentioned in Baydee's previous article, the sealing strips, sealing tops, and sealants, polyurethane foaming agents, screws, anti-collision blocks, windproof blocks, and lifting blocks are generally required during the installation of doors and windows. , clamping block, glass gasket, edge cover and drainage hole cover and other accessories.

Baydee believes that each of these accessories has irreplaceable uses (of course, different series of doors and windows require different accessories), such as foaming agent for caulking and preliminary positioning during installation of aluminum alloy doors and windows.

Another example is the glass block, which is placed on the lower frame of the window frame when installing and fixing the glass to prevent direct contact between the glass and the window frame and cause bursting; the drain hole cover can reduce wind and rainwater from being blown into the window frame from the drain hole Inside, improve the sealing of doors and windows...

In short, each accessory used in the installation process has its own use, which will affect your future use experience. Come and get to know these accessories with Baydee first!

02 entry version: all door and window accessories are indispensable

(1) Polyurethane foaming agent

Polyurethane foaming agent is commonly known as foaming agent and styrofoam. It is a special polyurethane product filled with polyurethane prepolymer, blowing agent, catalyst and other components in a pressure-resistant aerosol can. It is used for sealing leaks, filling gaps, and fixing bonds between plastic steel or aluminum alloy doors and windows and walls.

(2) Screws

There are mainly three kinds of screws commonly used in the installation process of aluminum alloy doors and windows. One is the expansion screw used to connect and fix the door and window frame with the wall. Stainless steel screws for mounting.

(3) Drain hole cover

The material is mostly plastic, and it is installed on the drain hole of the lower frame of the aluminum alloy door and window. Its function is to improve the airtightness of doors and windows, and reduce the chance of air intake, rain intake and insect ingress through doors and windows.

(4) Glass gasket

The material is plastic or rubber. When the glass is placed and installed, it acts as a buffer to prevent the glass from directly contacting the window frame and causing bursting.

(5) Anti-collision block

The material is mostly rubber, and it is installed at the place that is vulnerable to impact when the door and window handles are opened and closed, so as to protect the doors, windows and handles.

(6) Windproof block

The material is plastic or rubber, and wool strips or rubber strips are worn on it. Installed on the track of sliding doors and windows, it can reduce the air leakage of the track.

(7) clamping block, lifting block

The clamping block is made of hard plastic, and it is only installed on the vertical sash and window frame on the side away from the handle of the casement window. Its function: when the window is closed, the sash and the window frame where the clamping block is installed are more tightly fitted , so that the airtightness and watertightness can be improved.

The lifting block is made of rigid plastic and is only fitted on the lateral sash and frame directly below the casement window handle.

Its function: when the window is closed, the window sash will have a downward force so that the lock point cannot be completely locked on the lock seat, and at this time, the fast lifting can withstand this force so that the lock point can be locked in normally to improve the air pressure of the casement window. Airtight, watertight, anti-theft and other performance;

(8) Edge cover

The material is nylon plastic, and it is only installed on the contact part between one side of the sliding window sash and the track, so as to cover the ugliness, caulk the seam, and prevent the sash from shaking back and forth.

03 Advanced Edition: Precautions for Door and Window Accessories

(1) Blowing agent purchase rules

Good-quality foaming agent has high strength, high elasticity, and good waterproof effect, which can prevent the doors and windows from moving easily after positioning, so that the installer can accurately install the doors and windows.

(2) Screw purchase criteria

Screws of poor quality are easy to rust, break and fail, causing safety hazards, so special attention should be paid when purchasing screws:

Expansion screws must buy nylon expansion screws. Nylon expansion tubes have high aging resistance and better stability than plastic expansion tubes, and can provide stronger and longer-lasting fixation for door and window frames. The screws on hardware such as friction hinges must buy stainless steel screws. Hardware such as friction hinges need to bear the weight of the window sash, and the screws installed on the hardware are generally exposed to the outside for a long time and are vulnerable to wind and rain erosion, so corrosion-resistant stainless steel screws should be selected.

(3) Selection of other accessories

The auxiliary parts such as anti-collision block, windproof block, lifting block, clamping block, glass spacer block, edge cover and drainage hole cover are generally provided by the door and window factory, or prepared by the installer himself. So there are only two things you can do:

When purchasing doors and windows, pay attention to these details and choose reliable products; special attention should be paid to artificial factors. Is the door and window processing accessories assembled in place? Did the installer fully assemble all accessories when working? Does the door and window company have an installation and acceptance link for accessories? In short, the artificial factor is too big, no matter how good the product is, it will be useless if it is not installed properly~