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Why use laminated glass for home improvement doors and windows?


Many people say that the industry of aluminum alloy doors and windows is too deep, and newly renovated owners will have 99 out of 100 being cheated when choosing aluminum alloy doors and windows. Today, Baydee will take you to know laminated glass—the prince of the glass world who is soft on the inside and strong on the outside.

01 How did the unbreakable laminated glass come about?

A random accident changed the world. Plastics, stainless steel, microwave ovens, Viagra, penicillin... These inseparable products in life were all born by accident, and the stories behind each invention will surprise people. Baydee also came today to share an "accidental" invention that changed the world - laminated glass.

In 1903, a French chemist, Edouard Benedictus, was working in his laboratory when he accidentally dropped a glass beaker from a height. He was surprised to find that countless glass shards did not appear on the ground, and the beaker still maintained a roughly complete shape, but there were many cracks on the body of the beaker.

Later, Edward's assistant told him that the beaker was originally filled with a solution of polymer material nitrocellulose. After a long time, the solvent evaporated, leaving a thin layer of nitrocellulose on the inner wall and bottom of the beaker. Because this thin layer of nitrocellulose is transparent, the assistant was negligent for a moment and mistakenly thought that the beaker had been cleaned and put it back on the shelf.

Even more coincidentally, shortly after the accident, the French chemist read an article in a newspaper. The article mentions that in the departure accident among many cars in Paris at that time, the broken and splashed windshield fragments would cause the driver to be seriously injured.

This made Edward realize, is it possible to invent a piece of automotive safety glass with the help of nitrocellulose? Soon, through repeated experiments, Edward finally invented a glass that would not crack when broken. The safety of glass has finally been guaranteed.

Today, in addition to the ubiquitous laminated glass for cars, you can also see it in more places.

But did you know that laminated glass, as the prince of the glass world, is soft on the inside and strong on the outside, in addition to its strong safety performance, it also has a very deep inner strength.

02 Three natural advantages of laminated glass

In the field of building doors and windows, in addition to providing safety, laminated glass also has three profound internal strengths.

Profound internal strength 1: excellent sound insulation performance

Generally, the interlayer material of architectural laminated glass is made of PVB interlayer, and the PVB film has the damping function of filtering sound waves (reducing the volume transmission by reducing the vibration amplitude of the sound). Therefore, if you live in a place with serious road noise, it is right to choose a piece of laminated glass with a PVB film thickness of 1.14 mm.

Of course, you can also choose "sound insulation packages" like 8+1.14 pvb+8+12 A+8, 6+1.14 pvb+6+12 A+6.

Profound internal strength 2: natural anti-ultraviolet ability

PVB interlayer also has the function of filtering ultraviolet rays. According to data, PVB film can absorb more than 99% of ultraviolet rays, thereby protecting indoor furniture, plastic products, textiles, carpets, artworks, from fading and aging caused by ultraviolet radiation.

A small piece of glass can prevent furniture from fading and aging, which is unexpected!

Profound internal strength three: good energy-saving performance

Because the laminated glass made of PVB film can effectively reduce sunlight transmission, the darker the color and the lower the light transmittance of the laminated glass, the stronger the ability to block heat.

Therefore, if there is sufficient light at home, you may wish to choose laminated glass with medium light transmittance (50%~70%), or you can choose 6+9 a+5+0.76 pvb+5, 6 low-E+12 a+5+ 0.76 pvb+5 such a "heat insulation and energy saving package".

In addition, laminated glass also has many unique functions: decorative function (a variety of compelling interlayer patterns), cold resistance (as long as it is not lower than minus 50 degrees, laminated glass can still be used) and other capabilities, bulletproof (bank counters, jewelry showcases, etc.).

Although these functions are also very powerful, they are not very likely to be used for general home decoration, so Baydee will not introduce them here.

03 How to apply the most correct?

Finally, it comes to the issue of installing applications that everyone is most concerned about. Although laminated glass is good, it also needs to consider the cost performance. (Ordinary laminated glass per square meter is more expensive than insulating glass, and laminated insulating glass is also twice as expensive as ordinary laminated glass.)

Therefore, Baydee recommends that you install in four places:

1. The most dangerous place - the roof of the sun house, the recommendation index is 5 stars

The sun room is beautiful and practical, but it also has the risk that the roof glass will break, so please choose at least 5+0.76 pvb+5 laminated glass. If the sun room is connected to the interior, it is also recommended to choose 6+9 a+5 +0.76 pvb+5, 6 low-E+12 a+5+0.76 pvb+5 such laminated glass + insulating glass.

2. The place where quietness is needed the most - the bedroom has a recommendation index of 4 stars

This varies from person to person. Generally speaking, hollow glass can meet the ordinary sound insulation needs, but there are also special cases, such as living next to noisy streets and people who are extremely sensitive to sound. Because laminated glass "specially overcomes" low-frequency noise, it is definitely a correct choice to install a piece of 6+12 a+5+1.14 pvb+5 laminated insulating glass in the bedroom.

3. The most valuable place——study recommended index 4 stars

If you have valuable furniture at home to protect, (if you have a friend who matches, please remember to leave a message to Baydee, Baydee wants to make you a friend!), for example, there is a whole set of golden nanmu furniture in the study room, valuable and very beloved carpets, Curtains and more (Baydee's imagination is very barren, please show your home!).

In short, it is also very cost-effective to install a piece of laminated glass where the furniture needs to be protected.