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Knowledge sharing: the selection skills of sliding braces for aluminum casement windows of broken bridges, learn it!


In modern home life, the safety of doors and windows is no longer limited to anti-theft performance, but includes anti-theft performance and anti-drop, anti-deformation, and anti-damage capabilities, which largely depend on supporting accessories. , especially the casement window, the performance of its sliding support is the foundation of the entire safety capability.

Broken Bridge Aluminum Casement Window

The sliding brace, also known as the stainless steel sliding brace hinge, is mostly made of stainless steel.

The sliding brace, also known as the friction hinge, is a very important core accessory in the casement window. It plays the role of supporting the window sash and positioning the window sash. Especially when there is no hinge support, the sliding brace plays a very important supporting role. .

So, how should we judge the quality of sliding braces when purchasing doors and windows? Baydee Upvc Profiles to help:

Material requirements

The sliding support must be rust-proof, because if rust occurs, it will affect the smoothness of sliding, and reduce the mechanical properties of the sliding support, which will lead to breakage. For example, No. 304 stainless steel has high corrosion resistance, high strength and toughness, and No. 304 stainless steel has high wear resistance.

installation requirements

Use screws or screws reasonably according to the actual situation. Use countersunk head screws wherever there are countersunk holes; use pan head screws in the chute or where there are no countersunk holes. Use the screws correctly to ensure the firmness and reliability of the sliding brace after installation. The sliding support should be tightly connected with the window sash and the window frame, and must not be loose.


In addition to the careful selection at the time of purchase, it also requires careful care in daily life; the sliding support needs regular maintenance, and the bottom groove of the sliding support should avoid hard impurities such as sand, cement, lime and too much dust, etc. As a result, the window switch is not smooth, and some lubricating oil should be added to the sliding support regularly.

The performance requirements for the sliding braces of aluminum doors and windows of broken bridges are one of the important conditions to ensure the safety performance of aluminum doors and windows of broken bridges. The inferior sliding braces will be deformed and damaged after a period of use, which is very unsafe.