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After reading this article, you will avoid a lot of detours when choosing aluminum doors and windows for broken bridges when closing the balcony!


With consumers' pursuit of quality of life, more and more people like to "close balconies". Indeed, sealing the balcony can not only increase the utilization rate of indoor space, but also increase the degree of daylighting, allowing a panoramic view of the outside scenery. Closing the balcony inevitably involves installing doors and windows. The quality of doors and windows is related to sound insulation, ventilation, lighting, etc., which will greatly affect the experience of staying. If the doors and windows are not properly selected or installed, the security risks brought about later are even more unimaginable.

Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

Nowadays, most families choose to install broken bridge aluminum doors and windows when they seal their balconies, because broken bridge aluminum doors and windows have excellent thermal insulation properties, do not fade, not easily deform, and are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. However, there is no uniform price on the market for the price of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. After all, it is a customized product, and the quality of door and window profiles, hardware accessories, glass, etc. is different, and the price is also different.

Therefore, for the same large balcony, some people may be able to seal it at a cost of 3,000 yuan, while some people spend tens of thousands of yuan. So, for owners who don't know how to do doors and windows, how can they judge that the balcony that they spend a high price on is worth it?

Although this article can't tell you the answer directly, it clearly tells you the factors that determine the price of aluminum for broken bridges. Based on these price comparisons, the merchants will definitely not treat you as a novice, and you will not be "slaughtered".

At present, the more common balcony sealing materials on the market are roughly divided into two categories: aluminum alloy and broken bridge aluminum.

Aluminum alloy doors and windows:

Ordinary aluminum alloy is a metal material, with strong heat transfer ability and poor thermal insulation effect. But there are also advantages: cheap, durable and well-sealed. The service life is generally about 20 years, which is suitable for ordinary families with not so much budget.

Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows:

Broken bridge aluminum is actually an upgraded version of aluminum alloy material. Both inside and outside are made of aluminum alloy. The difference is that a non-metallic material with low thermal conductivity is used in the middle, which is connected to form a thermal insulation layer. This combination of strong thermal insulation, waterproof and windproof effect is very good. And the sound insulation effect is better than other materials of windows. The price will be slightly expensive, but the service life can be as long as 50 years. Value for money is still good.

After reading the brief introduction of Baydee Upvc Profiles, do you have a good idea of ​​how to choose, and then take the size of your home and run the market price comparison!