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Misunderstandings in the purchase of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows


Nowadays, home improvement doors and windows are basically made of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. Consumers also have many misunderstandings about broken bridge aluminum. Today, Baydee Upvc Profiles analyzes and interprets the misunderstandings of buying broken bridge aluminum windows. I believe it can help better Many consumers understand this door and window material.

Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

Many consumers ask the price as soon as they call. Of course, it is right to compare the price, but we should compare the same brand and the same materials, etc., instead of calling and asking for the price. If you just ask the price of doors and windows, then you We can't buy any good doors and windows. We should consult the aluminum brand, model, wall thickness, heat insulation strip, hardware, sealing strip, and whether there are additional charges or losses, etc.

Many consumers often ignore the advantages and disadvantages of thermal insulation strips when purchasing aluminum for broken bridges. At present, thermal insulation strips on the market are divided into PA66 nylon strips and PVC. Many small door and window processing factories use PVC thermal insulation strips. Some manufacturers use real brand aluminum profiles, but the insulation strips use inferior ones, which are shoddy and cut corners. The quality of the insulation strips directly affects the life of doors and windows.

If you care about quality, please respect its price, and if you want cheap, don't think it has good quality. From ancient times to the present, everything is worth every penny. No matter how beautiful the language is, it is just a lie without quality! Invariable law: The price depends on the value of the product, and the value comes from the quality of the product.