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In-depth analysis and explanation of the connotation of system doors and windows, come and learn!


At present, my country's economic development has entered a new era, and high-quality development is an inevitable requirement of the new era of economic development. "High quality" is also an important keyword in the new era.

System doors and windows

In order to meet people's needs for a better life, system doors and windows should pursue better quality. The quality of a product consists of two qualities: functional quality and perceptual quality.

What is the functional quality? Baydee Upvc Profiles feel it solves a practical problem. Building doors and windows can have a series of functions such as "wind and rain protection, sound insulation and noise prevention, thermal insulation, ventilation and lighting", and the problem is satisfied.

Perceptual quality, that is, aesthetics. We use doors and windows, in addition to the hope that doors and windows can solve functional problems and meet performance requirements, there are also user experience requirements, which can also be said to be "aesthetic requirements".

Therefore, the combination of practicality and aesthetics is the whole quality of a product, but many people do not realize this. Just like doors and windows, from "windows and rains, sound insulation and noise prevention, thermal insulation, ventilation and lighting" to "doors and windows with a little design", and then to "doors and windows with a little good-looking" in this process of change, It is not the functional quality that is improved, but the perceptual quality.

At present, there are system doors and windows and non-system doors and windows in building doors and windows, and system doors and windows have become important "keywords". The building doors and windows market is also divided into engineering market and home improvement market, new construction market and existing construction market. System doors and windows and non-system doors and windows are concepts with the characteristics of the times put forward at a specific stage of the development of my country's building doors and windows industry.

Doors and windows should be an integral product. Like automobile products, doors and windows should be composed of many materials, based on a certain structure, combined according to specific technical rules, and a systematic product with stable and definite functions, performance and quality. It is an organic whole, rather than a temporary combination without a stable material configuration and a definite software and hardware manufacturing environment to meet a certain engineering need.

The overall performance, economic and technical indicators, structure and materials of the system doors and windows have been repeatedly optimized to achieve high cost performance. System doors and windows are industrialized products, which is the essence of system doors and windows.

The door and window system is a complex system composed of products such as profiles, glass, hardware and sealing materials based on certain technical rules, so the door and window products are highly professional and technical.

When the popularity of "system doors and windows" reaches a certain level, people will not talk too much about "system doors and windows" (system doors and windows), and there will be no difference between system doors and windows and non-system doors and windows. Subversion, but the inevitable result of the development of doors and windows as industrialized products.