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Talk about some simple development history of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows


The role of windows: shelter from wind and rain, heat preservation, sound insulation, decoration, safety. The windows directly face the natural environment, so the quality requirements are high: deformation resistance, sun resistance, corrosion resistance. The development of windows is constantly evolving, and it is infinitely close to the functional standards mentioned above. Baydee Upvc Profiles doors and windows briefly describe the history.

Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

History phasing out products

Wooden windows: easy to deform and unsafe due to insect pests, wind and rain erosion.

Steel windows: easy to rust.

Plastic steel window: not strong enough, not resistant to sunlight and easy to change color.

Current market mainstream

Aluminum alloy windows: The thermal insulation and sound insulation ability is not as good as that of plastic steel windows, which can meet daily needs.

Broken Bridge Aluminum: Expensive. 700+/㎡ at every turn, thousands of minutes.

Broken bridge aluminum is currently an ideal product on the market, but its composition is also very complex, with different components such as window frames, glass, hardware, rubber strips, etc. Generally consumers only know the brand of profiles (window frames), which is exactly the case. It's easy to overlook many details.

About profiles: Profile brands can only represent the quality of aluminum profile raw materials, but local merchants are responsible for processing and assembling. Therefore, according to the degree of workmanship of local merchants, the quality of big brands may not be reliable.

About the window frame: The window frame is an important component of broken bridge aluminum. It is the key to choose broken bridge aluminum.

About the sealant strip: The sealant strip refers to the part of the trim, usually: silicone, top.

About hardware: Hardware is the material that needs to be used during installation. Buy doors and windows with their own, but you must also pay attention to quality.

For a good window, the choice of broken bridge aluminum is not the end, its good partner glass is also the key.