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Master the construction method of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, the installation of doors and windows is very simple


here is a saying in the door and window industry, called three points of quality, seven points of installation. This sentence vividly expresses the importance of installation for doors and windows. In recent years, the accident of doors and windows falling frequently occurs. The root cause is inseparable from the quality of doors and windows, but the installation methods of doors and windows also account for a large proportion. The wrong installation method may lead to the age of the window, the instability is greatly increased, and the probability of falling is also very large. Is the installation method of your broken bridge aluminum doors and windows correct? Today Baydee Upvc Profiles is here to chat with you.

Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

Construction methods and key points

Technological process: Find the rules of the elastic thread - door and window opening treatment - installation and connecting parts inspection - door and window treatment inspection - installation - surrounding caulking - hardware accessories - cleaning.

The finished products of door and window frame are stacked, kept and hoisted. Before entering the site for installation, the person in charge of the project should make a construction disclosure to all the members of the door and window installation team, and have written disclosure materials on file, and at the same time provide the installation baseline. The expansion screws are directly driven into the wall from the inside of the door and window frame, the length of the expansion screws is not less than 80mm, and the distance between each adjacent expansion screws is not more than 500mm.

The joint treatment method between the door and window frame and the wall: fill the gap between the frame and the wall with a foaming agent, the part where the foaming agent overflows, level it with a shovel, then cover it with cement, and wait for the cement to dry After that, apply sealant evenly at the interface.

After the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are installed, how to accept it?

Press the glass, especially the large glass, if there is any obvious shaking, and the glass that can dance should not be used. The windy day can make you tremble.

Check if the screws are hit on the heat insulation strip. Many people have stepped on the hole here. If it is hit on the heat insulation strip, the insulation of your windows may be greatly reduced.

Check the hardware, whether the switch is smooth, whether the screws are full, and whether the anti-fall chain of the outward opening window is installed.

Special reminder: Everyone should pay attention to the installation position of the handle. It should not be installed too far to the left or too far to the right. Avoid opening and closing the window, and your fingers will hit the window frame.