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What kind of aluminum doors and windows is suitable for you?


Balcony doors are generally separated by sliding doors. If you want to open a large area without occupying the opening space, you can choose a folding door. Swing doors are recommended for small openings and high resistance to theft and thermal insulation. The kitchen recommends choosing a low-profile sliding door or a hanging door with a simple and easy-to-clean style. Choose a matte style swing door or sliding door with better lighting in the bathroom.

baydee aluminium doors and window

The high-level recommends choosing casement windows, and it is best to open inside and pour inside (higher safety). If the ventilation requirements are higher, sliding windows with larger openings can be selected. If the floor is low and near the green belt or river ditches, it is recommended to configure the windows with high-strength gauze (anti-theft, anti-mosquito, anti-rodent).

In fact, choosing doors and windows is the same as choosing clothing. If you choose big brands and quality, product quality and service are absolutely guaranteed. Doors and windows are customized products, and installation services are closely related to quality. Even if a small workshop uses the best materials, it is difficult to guarantee subsequent installation and after-sales, let alone the warranty period.

So what kind of products are brand doors and windows? I chose the Crown system doors and windows under Baydee, which is a comprehensive front-line in terms of brand, service, craftsmanship, material and structure, so I can rest assured.