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What is the most important thing to look for when choosing doors and windows?


The first is to look at the material: for example, aluminum doors and windows are mainly composed of profiles, glass, hardware, accessories, etc. The type and manufacturer of these materials directly determine the quality and price of the product, and sometimes a set of hardware can cost thousands of dollars.

crown system doors and windows

Profiles account for the highest cost of doors and windows. For example, the profile suppliers of brand doors and windows come from domestic first-tier enterprises, and the raw materials are also primary aluminum. In order to save freight and costs, the small door and window workshops generally choose the principle of proximity, and the quality of the products varies.

The thickness, strength and oxide film of high-quality aluminum profiles should meet national standards, the minimum wall thickness of aluminum profiles should not be less than 1.2mm, and the thickness of the oxide film should not be less than 10 microns. The wall thickness of the profiles used in different positions is different and needs to be reasonably designed. The thickness of the profile is different, the price will be different, and the quality of the doors and windows is also very different. The thickness of the low-priced door and window profiles does not meet the national standard, the hardness is low, the impurities are high, and they are not resistant to corrosion and oxidation, and have poor compression and impact resistance. , Although the price is low, there are many quality problems.

Insulating glass has better sound insulation effect than ordinary glass; tempered glass has several times higher flexural and impact resistance than ordinary glass, and is safer. Especially the double-sided tempered glass structure and multi-layer hollow glass design, its thermal conductivity is much lower than that of ordinary doors and windows, effectively reducing energy loss, and has the functions of heat insulation, heat preservation and sound insulation.

Hardware aluminum alloy doors and windows are frequently used in life, so the quality of accessories such as pulleys, hardware hinges, door locks, door handles, etc., directly affects the service life of aluminum alloy doors and windows. Most of the low-priced doors and windows use domestic unknown hardware accessories, which are prone to quality problems such as rust, breakage, and rapid wear. Door and window locks are easy to break, and there is also a certain threat to home security.

The second is to look at the processing technology: a door and window product looks simple, but the process of the final product is very complicated. High-quality solid wood doors and windows, fine processing, smooth tangents, consistent angles, no obvious gaps in the splicing process, good sealing performance, and smooth switching. The quality of workmanship can be inspected by hand and side light. Touch the borders, panels, and corners of doors and windows, no scratches, soft and delicate; look at the side of the doors and windows to see if there are bumps and waves on the paint surface of the doors and windows.

If the materials and processes are good, the comprehensive performance of doors and windows will not be poor: there are five special indicators for doors and windows in terms of performance, air tightness, water tightness, wind pressure resistance, thermal insulation, and thermal insulation.

The thermal insulation performance is not up to standard: if the doors and windows cannot play a good role in thermal insulation, it will make the house cold in winter, and the air-conditioning in summer will not be able to hold, and the power consumption will be greater.

The watertight performance is not up to standard: Whenever it is windy and rainy, the doors and windows are prone to seepage, water leakage, and even rainwater backflow, resulting in moldy furniture, blistering on the floor, and falling off of wall finishes.

The sound insulation performance is not up to standard: the sound insulation effect of doors and windows is not good, which not only affects the quality of sleep, but also causes harm to our health and reduces the quality of life.

The heat preservation and heat insulation are not up to the standard: in winter, the heating will not be heated, the energy consumption is high, and the heating cost is expensive.
In addition: brand, installation, after-sales service is also the focus of attention. Good door and window products can stand the test of time, there is no problem in using them for decades, and the after-sales service is lasting, all of which are much higher in value than ordinary products.

The doors and windows of Baydee's Crown system are worth recommending. Crown system doors and windows introduces advanced technology from Germany, is equipped with imported high-speed extrusion production lines and laminating equipment, and adopts new polymer "Compounds" composite profiles, which endow doors and windows with better performance and can meet the needs of Customized requirements for green energy conservation of various buildings in different regions.