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What are the advantages of aluminum profile doors and windows?


What are the technical advantages of aluminum doors and windows?

Aluminum alloy doors and windows are the most popular materials in the door and window industry nowadays, and are liked by consumers. Aluminum alloy doors and windows have occupied an absolute advantage in the entire door and window industry. So, what specific advantages do aluminum alloy profiles have? Baydee uPVC Profile to tell you.

1. Strong plasticity:

Aluminum alloy profiles are metal materials. Aluminum is added with various metal elements to make various alloys. It has the incomparable advantages of other alloy profiles: light weight and high strength, it can be extruded into various complex cross-section profiles to meet the design of doors and windows. Various new section requirements of the division.

2. Good sealing performance:

Broken bridge aluminum alloy profiles have strong air tightness, water tightness, thermal insulation and sound insulation properties, which are just suitable for various specific applications in the door and window industry.

3. Long service life:

Aluminum alloy profiles have the advantages of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, small deformation, strong fire resistance, and long service life (more than 50 years).

4. environmental protection and energy saving:

Broken bridge The aluminum alloy profile adopts nylon 66, a new thermal insulation material, to form a cold and hot bridge between the inner and outer profiles, so that the heat conduction of the aluminum alloy is minimized, and the heat insulation and sound insulation effects are good.

5. Excellent weather resistance:

The aluminum alloy profile has been treated by various processes, and the surface is resistant to acid and alkali erosion and is not affected by air pollution, acid rain and ozone. UV resistant, long-term retention of inherent color and luster.

6. the decorative effect is elegant:

The surface of aluminum alloy profiles can be subjected to various surface treatments, such as powder spraying, anodizing, electrophoretic coating, wood grain transfer processing and other surface treatment technologies, with a variety of colors and wood grains. Class building decoration needs, put on beautiful clothes to the building.

In fact, as long as you know more about the relevant door and window information before purchasing, you will not take a detour. Through the brief introduction of the Baydee uPVC Profile, I believe you have understood it, and we will continue to share the knowledge of doors and windows.