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What should you pay attention to when choosing doors and windows?


How to choose doors and windows, which doors and windows are better?

Doors and windows are an important part of a home. Doors and windows protect the safety and health of the family. For the family to live in a quiet and clean environment, it is very important to choose a good door and a good window. Baydee uPVC Profile teaches you how to choose cost-effective doors and windows? If you want to choose cost-effective doors and windows, you should mainly look at the aspects that can be seen from profiles, glass, hardware, sections, and craftsmanship!

Profiles: Profiles are divided into primary aluminum and recycled aluminum. This can only be seen from the cut surface. The iron content of recycled aluminum is higher, and the color of the cut surface is duller, which is easy to corrode and fall off the paint. The standard thickness is 1.4 mm.

Glass: Whether it is a closed system window or a non-closed system window, the glass of domestic glass manufacturers can meet the requirements, which is a small difference from ordinary windows.

Hardware: The hardware systems used by door and window manufacturers are all of the same brand. The handles, hinges, and transmission systems are all of the same brand, ensuring better fit and smoothness. Most of the system doors and windows use the same series of imported brand hardware, and non-system doors and windows will use multiple hardware brands to match, which is also a criterion for judging whether they are good doors and windows.

Cross-section cavity: It is better to judge whether it is a system door or window through the cross-section cavity, because the system door and window have stronger water tightness, air tightness, heat insulation and sound insulation, so the structure will be more complicated than non-system doors and windows.

Craftsmanship: The quality of the windows can also be seen from the outer frame of the doors and windows, and the choice of the corner code is also very important. The movable corner code is composed of two pieces, connected by screws and has its own positioning. It is simple and convenient to use, economical and practical. It is a very common connection method used in the door and window industry at present. However, the single screw used for the movable corner code is fastened. During transportation and during the use of the window, there may be looseness and dislocation, resulting in gaps and deformation of the window frame or sash. Over time, the airtightness, sound insulation and wind pressure resistance of windows have been reduced. Therefore, in some good products, more advanced integral corner yards have been used to replace movable corner yards.

In the future, Baydee uPVC Profile will continue to keep pace with the times, conform to the times and trends, continue to innovate and break, and lead the industry trend. Baydee uPVC Profile, ingenious guardian, one-stop customization, giving you a comfortable and warm home.