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The appearance of uPVC windows still depends on these four points



The quality of uPVC windows has a lot to do with the production and processing capacity of the factory. As a part of verifying the processing quality of uPVC windows, it is very worth noting. The corners of the uPVC windows are connected with the aluminum corner code by a corner forming machine, and then two-component glue is injected into the hole to cure the corner code frame materials together.
Common defects include splicing without corner code, or no curing glue with corner code, etc., which are all unqualified uPVC windows products. Moreover, the quality of the uPVC windows can also be judged by the seams between the corners. The smoother the corners, the better the quality.

adhesive strip

In order to ensure the sealing degree of uPVC windows, good uPVC windows manufacturers use rubber sealing strips for sealing. This can maximize the sealing and thermal insulation of uPVC windows. However, many uPVC windows manufacturers directly use glue in order to reduce costs. This is not a standard practice and is not conducive to improving the sealing performance of uPVC windows.


Hardware, as the soul of uPVC windows, directly determines the durability and user experience of uPVC windows. Good uPVC windows hardware has reliable guarantee and strength in this regard, so good uPVC windows manufacturers will not fool consumers with poor quality hardware.


As a very critical part of uPVC windows, glass occupies about 80% of the entire uPVC windows area, and plays a vital role in the light transmission, heat preservation and sound insulation of uPVC windows. The use of insulating glass and tempered glass is also a key factor in determining the quality of uPVC windows. The difference between using high-quality glass and ordinary glass is also very large.