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The sealing of uPVC windows in winter is very particular. Four precautions need to be known!


In winter, cold areas in the north generally like to seal uPVC windows, because it will be warmer. So, what aspects should be paid attention to in the sealing of uPVC windows in winter? Here are four things to keep in mind:

Uneven uPVC windows profile

The main reason for the air leakage of uPVC windows is the tightness between the uPVC windows fan and the frame. The flatness of the profile is an important factor affecting the tightness. If the flatness of the profile is insufficient or deformed, there will be a certain gap between the uPVC windows fan and the frame, resulting in air leakage.

The quality of the sealing strip is defective or aged

The sealing strip is the key to the sealing of uPVC windows. At present, the quality of the sealing strips on the market varies greatly. High-quality sealing strips have strong toughness, strong wear resistance, and are not easy to break; while poor-quality sealing strips are very fragile, easy to corrode, break, and fail to achieve the sealing effect. If the sealing strip is not installed properly, unevenness or bulging occurs, it may cause air leakage.

Cracks between frame and wall

During the installation of uPVC windows, many uPVC windows sealing workers in winter did not do a good job of sealing between door frames, window frames and walls due to rushing or cutting corners. Especially in the old house, the wall will loosen during the settlement process, and the tightness between the uPVC windows frame will be reduced. If the waterproof glue is not evenly spread, the sealant is not done enough, or the expansion bolts are not nailed down, the frame and the wall will not be able to "tightly fit". It is easy to collapse in the rainy weather in summer, and cause air leakage in autumn and winter.

Hardware lock is not strong

The quality of uPVC windows hardware is also closely related to sealing performance. Especially casement windows, which rely on the drive of the hardware to seal, if the quality of the drive is not good, it is easy to leak air from the edge of the window sash. At present, the uPVC windows hardware sold on the market is divided into domestic and imported. Domestic hardware generally has two lock points, upper and lower, while imported hardware usually has three lock points, upper, middle and lower. The principle is that when the uPVC windows are locked, the lock point and the lock seat are firmly fastened together, and cooperate with the hinge or sliding support to generate a strong sealing pressure, so that the sealing strip is elastically deformed, so as to provide sufficient sealing for the uPVC windows. performance. Therefore, the hardware with weak lock will greatly reduce the sealing performance of uPVC windows.

The above is the four major precautions for uPVC windows sealing in winter introduced by the editor. If you find that the uPVC windows at home are not well sealed in winter, you can check from these four aspects!