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Do I need a partition between the balcony and the living room?


When it comes to renovating a new home, there are always many choices that can be confusing. Different layouts will bring different experiences and, of course, different budgets. Modern people pay more and more attention to the decoration of the balcony.

Nowadays, many people decorate, and they like to open up the balcony with the living room to increase the use of space and lighting in the living room. Some also make the balcony into the form of a leisure area, a work area or even a platform, and the effect looks very good. Of course, there are also many people who still have partition doors between the balcony and the living room. But there are also many friends who are renovating the balcony still struggling: should we remove the partition door between the balcony and the living room? Let's discuss together!

In everyone's concept, balconies are used for planting flowers, for leisure, for storing lockers, washing machines, and even for office use. Some people think that the balcony does not have so many functions, and the balcony is used for drying clothes!

Should the balcony and living room be partitioned?

Poor sound insulation: After the partition between the balcony and the living room is broken, although the living room space can be enlarged, if the house faces the street every time the windows are opened, there will be particularly loud noise.

Easy to accumulate dust: when the balcony is not partitioned and the windows are opened, the furniture will soon be covered with dust, which increases the burden of daily cleaning.

Poor thermal insulation and thermal insulation: If there are frequent strong winds, do not knock down the balcony partition. It is far from enough to rely on balcony glass for thermal insulation and thermal insulation. Because walls are much better at insulating and insulating properties than glass.

I personally suggest that if the lighting in the home itself is not very good, then it is recommended to remove it. After the balcony door is removed, the light can naturally enter the room, thus improving the lighting; the home is in a relatively quiet residential environment, and individuals are not too sensitive to noise, so the partition door can also be removed. Without the door, the sound insulation effect may be reduced, but a more transparent space is gained, and the living room area is larger; the home is small and the area is limited, so it is recommended not to partition the door, so that the balcony space and the living room space are combined. Two for one, expand the usable area of ​​the living room, and the scope of activities can no longer be restricted. Of course, the environment you are in needs to consider the issues of sound insulation and heat insulation, so it is better to keep the partition door.

Whether or not to install partition doors between the balcony and the living room requires a specific analysis of specific issues. Baydee uPVC Profile specializes in doors and windows and recommends that you must install doors. However, the editor summarizes the factors that everyone often considers for us: the size of the living room, the need for balcony exposure, the need for concealment, and the consideration of thermal insulation and noise prevention.

If you can't meet your requirements with or without installation, then see which one can meet your core needs. If you want to make the house look bigger, then you can seal the balcony without installing the door; if you still Considering the requirements of noise and dust protection, heat preservation and energy saving, then you can install a door. That's it for today's sharing, I hope you like the content shared in this issue!