ES70MD+ barrier-free mute door

Caviturey struct: 6 cavity 3 seal

Heat transfer coefficient K value






Glass configuration

5TL+12A+5T+12A+5TL (warm edge spacer)


G-U Hardware

Sound insulation performance



Wind pressure resistance: 7


• Four seals and corner tops at the lower barrier-free threshold ensure sealed and insulated performance (two low-damper strips and two tops, one of which can be self-cleaning);


• The door frame and the fan overlap use a special sealing assembly (TPV) to form a closed-loop seal structure;


• 25mm embedded depth, effectively reducing thermal bridges and increasing safety due to increased glass thickness;


• Reinforced solder bumps give closed-loop links to reinforced steel, external zinc alloy L and 5mm thick annular steel plate at the inner door of the door, which makes the internal profile form a closed-loop structure of the steel frame, increasing the vertical moment of inertia, making the strength, rigidity and deformation resistance of the door leaf The ability has a qualitative leap;


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