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What are the advantages of bathroom folding doors?


Can a bathroom have a folding door?

Relatively speaking, the toilet door is a sliding door, and there is a swing door. Each door has its advantages. For example, the sliding door is convenient and commonly used, then the swing door has good sealing performance, but now there is another kind of door called a folding door. Can it be used? ? The following editor of Baydee uPVC Profile will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of toilet folding doors.

Advantages of installing toilet folding doors:

Folding doors are generally customizable, not only in novel styles and rich colors, but also a kind of decoration itself, so they are very beautiful and elegant. Its characteristic is that the sliding door can be pushed and pulled directly, and it does not occupy space and is very convenient to use. In addition, it has good airtightness and plays the role of partition and screen, and the folding door has a variety of operation methods, such as: manual, electric, touch screen, etc., suitable for toilets, kitchens, balconies, etc.

Good ventilation is very important because it is related to the health of the family. As we all know, the toilet folding door has good ventilation performance, which has also become a major feature of the toilet folding door.

In addition, the toilet folding door has a significant feature, that is, it can save space. In particular, the flush toilet stack door that opens while folded can save room space. As far as I know, the usable space of a small room is limited, and every inch has its own specific function. Because of this, the space that can be reserved for the toilet will also be hindered. Therefore, in order to ensure the rational use of space, folding doors are used. came in handy.

Another important point of toilet folding door is that it does not stick to oil fumes and is easy to clean, so it is very suitable for use in kitchens, toilets and other places. And its installation is quick, the service life is long, and the maintenance is convenient, so the use of the toilet folding door is a normal choice.

Disadvantages of installing toilet folding doors:

Long-term use will cause difficulty in opening, and it is easy to hide bacteria, which is very detrimental to human health.

To sum up, we must fully consider before choosing the toilet folding door.

The door of the bathroom is a point we need to pay attention to when decorating. If the door is not selected well, the aesthetics should be put aside first, at least the lifespan is short and it is not easy to use, which is certain. Therefore, Baydee uPVC Profile has made a simple analysis of the folding door, I hope it can be helpful to everyone, pay attention to us and continue to share the knowledge of doors and windows in the next issue.