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How to choose custom doors and windows?


Teach you how to choose doors and windows with different decoration styles in home decoration!

In recent years, people's enthusiasm for decoration is relatively high. Doors and windows are the finishing touch in home decoration and play a very important role. In order to pursue the quality of decoration, many people began to choose custom doors and windows, and many people do not know how to choose custom doors and windows.

Baydee uPVC Profile tells you how to choose custom doors and windows:

type of window

Casement window: The traditional type of window is very widely used, and the casement window is also divided into inward and outward opening; the advantage of opening inward is that it is easy to clean, but the disadvantage is that it occupies a place when it is opened, and it is easy to seepage in rainy days; the advantage of opening outward is very It is waterproof and does not take up space to open, but it is difficult to be easily damaged in the face of strong wind and rain, so the hardware requirements are very high.

Sliding window: There are two ways of pushing and pulling, up and down, and left and right. It is characterized by not occupying space, beautiful appearance, affordable price, and good sealing performance. The use of good slide rails only needs to be pushed gently, which is very flexible. In addition, the force of the window is uniform, and it is not easy to be damaged.

Shooting window: It has the same shape as the casement window, but the hinge installation position is different, and it is placed at the top, so this comparison is suitable for smaller windows such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Door and window purchase knowledge

In terms of materials: glass materials include ordinary, hollow, multi-layer hollow, pvb laminated and vacuum glass, among which vacuum glass has very good sound insulation, so bay windows generally choose medium vacuum glass, while hollow and pvb laminated glass can only be used for High frequency and small noise isolation, the sound insulation effect of multi-layer insulating glass is very poor, but it is not easy to break.

In terms of craftsmanship: it mainly depends on the quality of doors and windows, the accuracy of size, the level of angular strength, and whether its hardware accessories are reasonable.

Sealing: Sealing depends on the degree of sealing between the glass and the frame, including the sealing after closing, the sealing of windows and walls.

In addition, depending on the quality of the sealing strip, the sealing strip is divided into wool and rubber sealing strips.

Window brand: To consider its quality and appearance, do not covet cheap products, you must choose products that are guaranteed and regularly produced, so that if there are problems later, it is more convenient to maintain.

I believe that everyone has a general understanding of the problem.

In fact, there is no uniform standard for price, it depends on what your requirements are. We have low requirements. For example, as long as the general requirements can be applied, or there is no need to open such window sashes, there is absolutely no need for us to buy high-priced aluminum doors and windows with broken bridges. I hope you can buy aluminum doors and windows that suit you.

A simple window, through it, look at the green leaves, look at the flowers, and watch the flow of time. In your spare time, you can lean against the window to watch the sunset, wait for the shadow to pass over the low wall, cover the window with rain, and listen to the rain. The doors and windows are just right. Baydee uPVC Profile can add a touch of warmth to the day.