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How to design a bathroom without windows?


The bathrooms in many buildings are hidden guards. The so-called dark guard refers to a type of bathroom without external windows. This type of bathroom has two typical characteristics: one is that the light is relatively poor, and the other is that the air circulation is poor. Therefore, when we decorate, we generally have to take special measures for the dark guard, so as to achieve a comfortable use effect. When the bathroom at home has no windows, you can take the following methods to decorate it:

Solve the problem of poor air circulation

For bathrooms without windows, we must consider the problem of internal ventilation when decorating. Because there are no windows, it is impossible to rely on external windows to achieve ventilation. At this time, it is generally necessary to use the original facilities in the bathroom, and then add the corresponding ventilation facilities for ventilation. Therefore, Baydee uPVC Profile recommends the following processing suggestions:

To install a ventilation fan for better ventilation

We all know that there are a lot of ventilation fans on the market now, and the price ranges from a few tens of yuan to a few hundred yuan a set, and some of the better ones may reach thousands of yuan a set. However, for the location of the bathroom, many friends may think that buying a cheap ventilation fan is enough, but this is not the case. Especially for bathrooms without windows, Xiaobian recommends that you buy a ventilation fan with strong ventilation capacity. That is to say, we need to buy those brands that specialize in ventilation fans, so that the ventilation effect will be very good, not just a decoration.

The installation location of the ventilation fan must be appropriate

Because we use the ventilation fan to achieve two points: the first is to achieve ventilation in the bathroom, and then the hot shower steam in the bathroom needs to be discharged in time. Therefore, the choice of ventilation and ventilation points in the bathroom is particularly important at this time. Like we generally have a shower room area in the bathroom, and there is an area outside the shower room. At this time, I personally recommend that you choose the location of the ventilation fan at the edge of the shower room. For example, if we want to install a shower room in a corner, then a ventilation fan is installed outside the corner shower room, so as to ensure that the hot steam during bathing can be discharged through the ventilation fan in time, and the ventilation fan can be used for ventilation at ordinary times.

The choice of bathroom door also needs attention

Since the air in the bathroom without external windows is very poor, it is recommended that you choose the titanium-magnesium alloy door that is more common in the market. The titanium-magnesium alloy door of the bathroom is mainly made of titanium-magnesium alloy as the main frame of the profile, and then inlaid with glass in the middle, which can not only increase the permeability, but also ensure the use effect of the door. The door frame will not be moldy, deformed, etc. due to the absence of external windows.

Solve the problem of low light

For bathrooms without windows, there is another typical problem, that is, the light is very dark. I believe that many of my friends feel deeply about this. Like many apartments with bathrooms in the middle, there are no external windows, so the lights need to be turned on at ordinary times. So for bathrooms without windows, we have to solve the problem of light. To solve the problem of light, Xiaobian recommends that you do the following.

The main lamp should choose a higher power

For example, the bathroom basically uses an integrated ceiling or an aluminum gusset ceiling. At this time, a main light is generally installed in the middle of the ceiling. For example, some main lights are combined with the ventilation fan. At this time, I personally suggest that the power of the main lights should be as large as possible. For example, LED lights are more commonly used at present, then we can choose some LED lights with a power of more than 40w, so that the brightness is relatively high, which will make our bathroom light better.

The choice of decorative material color is also very important

The first thing I recommend to you here is to try to choose some materials with relatively high brightness for the wall and floor materials of the bathroom without windows. For example, wall tiles or floor tiles, we can choose white tiles for pasting. For example, the more commonly used snowflake white or candy glaze, etc., are very good choices. For the top plate, it is also recommended that you choose white. For example, the more common white integrated ceiling, the installation effect is also very good. We use white walls and floor decoration materials to better improve the bathroom light and solve the problem of poor light.

Then we need to solve the problem of waterproofing in the bathroom. In fact, it is also a very important step. If the waterproofing is done, it will not leak and also solve some odor problems. Like sinking bathrooms, secondary drainage is generally required, because water seeps in if the edges of some floor drains are not well done, and the water enters the bottom water and cannot be drained out. After a long time, it will produce peculiar smell. In this case, the bathroom is very smelly, but the floor drain is well done. After testing many places, I can't find the reason. In fact, it is caused by the accumulation of water at the bottom. So pay attention here when remodeling the bathroom. In addition, the source of peculiar smell is the floor drain and the sewer pipe. Generally, it is better to choose a deep-water sealed floor drain with deodorization. After the floor drain is completed, use the plugging king to paint around it again, so that it will not flow into the lower layer from the gap. It is recommended to choose a sewer pipe with an s-bend, so that the odor is not easy to come out.

There is also a solution for the dark guard, that is to open a small window on the basis of the original windowless, that is, smash the wall to open the window, but it depends on whether the wall on this floor is a load-bearing wall, and it also has the approval of the property. It can only be constructed. In addition, if the waterproofing of the windows is not well done, it will often leak when it rains. For example, the waterproofing of some external walls needs to be done by professionals. This method should be selected according to the conditions of your home.

What should I do if there is no window in the bathroom? After reading the introduction of the editor above, you should know what to do. You can refer to it and design a plan suitable for your house according to the actual situation of your home.