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How to repair the broken sliding door pulley?


Sliding doors and sliding windows are often used in modern home decoration. For example, kitchen doors and balcony doors are mostly sliding doors, which are more convenient to use and better match the home decoration design.

However, I often hear friends mentioning that the sliding doors and windows at home have become stuck and difficult to use after a long time, and the sliding and pulling are hindered, especially the sliding doors and windows with tempered glass structure. Due to their relatively large weight, they may be pushed later. Especially laborious.

The wardrobe purchased by the family chooses the sliding door. This kind of sliding door wardrobe has an advantage. When the wardrobe is opened, it will not occupy the indoor space, and the internal storage space is relatively large.

Or some people also install sliding doors in the kitchen and bathroom. If the pulley is broken, it will make it inconvenient to open and close the door. Whether it is a wardrobe or a kitchen door, if the pulley is damaged, Baydee uPVC Profile tells you how to repair it!

What to do if the sliding door pulley is broken:

If the pulley device is damaged, it can only be replaced with a new one. We can remove the pulley with a screwdriver. Generally speaking, it will be fixed with screws, so just remove the screw to remove the entire pulley. Then check the cause of the damage. If it is just rusted, you can apply some lubricating oil, and then install it to see if it can be used flexibly.

If it still doesn't work, the whole is damaged and needs to be replaced with a new one.

How to replace the pulley of the sliding door:

You need to prepare relevant tools. You need a screwdriver, electric drill, including screwdrivers, etc., and then choose a pulley accessory of the same model. If the purchased model does not match, it cannot be replaced.

Put the new pulley on it and fasten it with the screws. Fix its frame, and then arrange the sliding door on the frame, then take the frame on the other side and fix it with screws, so that there is no problem of loosening.

Then fix the pulley, and fix the upper and lower screws, and then let the lower pulley fall firmly into the lower seal, so as to ensure that the pulley is installed in place.

Daily maintenance of sliding doors:

Keep the track clean, beware of heavy objects hitting the track, clean it with non-erosive cleaning solution, if the mirror surface or board surface is damaged, it can be replaced by special personnel. For safety, you should always check whether the anti-jump card device is working middle,

When it is found that the door body is not close to the wall, please special personnel to adjust the lower wheel screw to achieve the tightness of the door body and the wall.

Xiaobian summary: Regarding how to repair the broken sliding door pulley, the editor will simply introduce it to you here. If the sliding door at home is broken, we can refer to the above methods for repair and replacement. If not, we can also ask maintenance workers to repair. We will share more door and window knowledge in the next issue!

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