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How to design a living room without windows


The living room is an important space in the entire home decoration, and it is also the facade of the entire home. The living room is a place where the owner receives guests, entertains and communicates. So, how to design a small living room without windows? The following is the introduction of Baydee uPVC Profile on how to design a living room without windows, I hope it can help you.

Smart use of transparent glass for lighting

For most people, the problem of how to decorate the living room without windows is very troublesome, because they don't know how to change the dark vision caused by the lack of windows.

In fact, for this kind of designed house, a relatively simple decoration method is to use the partition devices in the middle of different places to help increase the effect of lighting. For example, consider purchasing a transparent glass wall to install between the living room and the dining room. On the one hand, it can play a very good role in dividing the function. On the other hand, it can cleverly borrow light and brighten the indoor environment, bringing great benefits to the owners. A good living mood.

There is no window in the living room. There is a trade-off in the design of the plan. It is also possible to change the walls of the two bedrooms into translucent glass partition walls, which will affect the privacy. Suspended ceiling, rich lighting, using artificial light source to change its brightness.

No matter which scheme is adopted, the walls and floors should be in light tones, the white walls are set, and other parts can be properly ash, but not too much, such a house needs to solve the ventilation problem.

Using the principle of mirror reflection to "create light"

In addition to the above lighting methods, placing a small number of mirrors in the living room is also one of the lesser-known answers to the question of how to decorate a living room without windows. The specific method is to point the mirror at the ceiling or lighting equipment, and use the "reflection" principle to achieve the effect of brightening the space.

Use a ventilation door

There is another important reason why many people care about how to decorate the living room without windows. This kind of windowless house often has poor ventilation performance, which will naturally affect the living experience and the physical and mental health of the human body. Negative orientation is possible. Therefore, if it is really impossible to build windows by yourself, you need to start with the door. It is recommended to use a door with good ventilation performance, or install an additional layer of screen window on the security door to increase air convection.

Windowless living room decoration tips

Choose white or light-colored floors, walls, and ceilings

Because the living room has no windows, the natural light is very poor, so whether it is the ground, wall or top, choose a light color, it is recommended to use white, the ground can choose log color or milk white as appropriate, the purpose of this is to make A room that is inherently dark will not be darker. The overall look is transparent and not depressing.

Add more lights

If the natural light source is not enough, it can only be remedied later. In the living room without windows, we need to set up more artificial light sources. And you can choose various types of light sources, such as wall lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, etc., there is no need to limit yourself to one type of light source. During the day, you can use floor lamps, spotlights, wall lamps, etc. to fill in the light, and at night, use chandeliers and ceiling lamps as the main light source, so that the room will be much brighter. It is recommended that you use lamps with diffuse reflection light sources, such as floor lamps illuminating the roof of the house, wall lamps and spotlights illuminating the walls. The light generated by these lamps has the advantages of large fill light range and soft light, which is not only suitable for the living room The overall or partial fill light can also create a harmonious and warm indoor atmosphere for the interior while filling the light.

Choice of furniture

For the living room with poor lighting, it is not suitable to choose a large-area dark-colored home, which will make you have a kind of rushing by the army. We should choose small and simple light-colored furniture, which can not only relieve the feeling of depression, but also make the living room appear spacious, thereby increasing the brightness.

When decorating a house, you must pay attention to the decoration skills, and make reasonable use of the interior space to make the interior look more fashionable. The above is the relevant introduction about how to decorate the living room without windows. When decorating the house, you should pay attention to the details, so that It can also ensure the overall quality of the interior decoration and make the interior look more tasteful.