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The home has an attic decoration like this, and the effect is doubled!


Many households who live on the top floor have attic. There are many differences between a loft and a standard building. Therefore, the decoration may be different from the decoration of our standard floor, so we have to take some different methods.

When it comes to the attic, it is often considered to be a tasteless space. It has the characteristics of being short and irregular, which makes home improvement a lot more difficult. Therefore, most families regard it as a storage room for stacking idle furniture and furniture. sundries. In fact, as long as it is designed and utilized a little, it is a very happy thing, turning the shortcomings of the attic into advantages, it will become a space that brings surprises. For this reason, Baydee uPVC Profile recommends that you do a good job in the decoration of the attic according to the following aspects.

Learn about styles

Before preparing to bring an attic, you need to know the style of the attic, whether the floor has its own attic or a pure attic. There are very few types of pure lofts. If the floor has its own attic, the floor height is usually not high, so it is not suitable for the cubicle design, but the floor height of the pure attic is about the same as our ordinary floor and can be used as a separate space.

Room for improvement

Since the floor height of the attic will be lower than the floor height of the ordinary house, the attic usually brings a feeling of depression. In the design, the editor believes that this phenomenon can be solved by color matching. The light warm color system helps to change the sense of space and make the area larger. For decorative collocation, it is not advisable to use too much, otherwise it will easily make the space more narrow.

Rational use of space

When decorating the attic, the first thing we have to do is to carry out the overall planning of our indoor space. At this time, the point made by the editor is that we must first confirm our requirements for the use of the attic. For example, whether to design the attic as a study, as a bedroom, or as a leisure room. Then use the corresponding space according to the type of use we design.

For the utilization of attic space, we actually mainly consider the shape of the top surface of the attic. Like the attic, many have sloping roofs or spires. Designers should make good use of these sloping roofs, as well as pointed roofs, taking into account the issue of height, and then design the specific functions of each location. If you can take these details into consideration, you can design a very useful attic.

For comfort and storage

For the attic decoration, another point we consider is the comfort of the attic. While being comfortable and solid, we must consider the storage function that the attic can achieve. In fact, to put it bluntly, it is the placement of various positions in the attic and the choice of furniture, so as to achieve good comfort.

For the comfort of the attic decoration, the editor recommends that the first consideration is actually the ventilation and lighting of the attic. For example, many attics may have small windows, and some even have no windows, so the ventilation effect is not good, so you can consider installing new fans or ventilation fans when decorating. The other is the lighting design. If there are no windows, the lighting should be designed reasonably. For the storage of the attic, in fact, what should be done is to achieve the extension of the space as much as possible. For example, for the use of the roof, there is to try to use the space on the wall to install storage cabinets. The shape should not be too complicated, so as to achieve better storage.

Insulation and waterproofing of the attic

When decorating the attic, we also need to pay attention to the thermal insulation and waterproofing of the attic. Because the attic belongs to the top floor, and a situation that is prone to occur on the top floor is the possibility of water leakage. Another point is that the insulation on the top floor is relatively poor, giving people the feeling that it is very cold in winter and very hot in summer. So for the decoration of the attic to consider these two points.

For the roof of the attic, we must check carefully before decorating. Especially after it rains carefully check our roof for leaks. If any leakage is found, I personally suggest that you carefully check the roof waterproofing to ensure that there is no leakage before renovating. In fact, the main inspection here is the skylight of the attic, because this position is prone to water leakage. For the insulation of the attic, it is also necessary to do a good job. The suggestion given by the editor is that we can do the insulation of the roof. The specific method is to install sound insulation cotton inside the ceiling, and then make the ceiling. This will increase the thermal insulation effect well and achieve a good living environment.

If there is an attic in the home and then decorate it, we must pay attention to its functional and practical design, so as to ensure that it can meet our normal use, and also make the attic a more characteristic and bright place in the home. make it more usable.