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Where are floor-to-ceiling windows suitable for?


The floor-to-ceiling windows are well chosen, and the taste is reflected

A window allows the warm sunlight and gentle breeze to slip into the room. For many people, a house with "big floor-to-ceiling windows" is a treat. Floor-to-ceiling windows with large areas of glass, pure and bright, are a yearning for life.

Nowadays, many people choose to seal the balcony. Whether it is a semi-closed balcony or an open balcony, they must be cautious when choosing doors and windows. The balcony doors and windows are no better than other types of windows, and they have to experience wind, sun and rain. If the doors and windows are not selected properly, it is common to leak air and rain, and it is difficult to avoid cold in winter and hot in summer, but how to choose the profiles of balcony floor-to-ceiling windows? Baydee uPVC Profile will teach you to choose the right floor-to-ceiling windows from these aspects.

Let's take a look at the advantages first:

Good lighting and wide field of vision:

Floor-to-ceiling windows themselves are designed to add lighting and visual effects. Some darker living rooms or bedrooms can choose floor-to-ceiling windows. Adding indoor light can also better appreciate the scenery outside the window, which is a good choice to improve the quality of life.

Low cost and elegant appearance:

Although the floor-to-ceiling windows seem to be tall, the counterfeiting is very low compared to the counterfeiting of the entire wall. It can not only reduce the renovation work, but also is easy to install and convenient for later maintenance.

Good radiation isolation effect:

Some users choose to install floor-to-ceiling windows in order to avoid the influence of ultraviolet rays. I have to say that this choice is very correct.

Compared with the wall, the floor-to-ceiling windows can better support the decoration style of the whole house, making the house look more generous and beautiful.

Disadvantages of floor-to-ceiling windows

Privacy Implications:

As mentioned above, the floor-to-ceiling windows have a good visual effect and have a clear view of the outside scenery. However, don’t forget that you can basically see the interior from the outside. Once you forget to draw the curtains, privacy becomes a hidden danger.

Because the floor-to-ceiling windows have no window sill or the window sill is very low, indoor personnel not only feel dizzy when they approach the window, but also because most of the windows are made of ordinary glass with low strength, so there is indeed a certain danger. Ordinary glass floor-to-ceiling windows have a large area. For example, due to material aging, corrosion, fatigue, defects or construction defects, they are easily broken under external forces (such as wind, impact, etc.) Persons outdoors pose a threat.

How to design floor-to-ceiling windows?

Common styles:

Semi-closed and semi-open are more options, which can not only ensure ventilation, but also expand the field of vision and enhance lighting.

Completely closed means that the windows are all fixed, like a whole face of glass, with no windows that can be opened and closed.

The form of full opening and closing is similar to that of full closure. It is a whole glass, but it is not fixed, and it can be switched to control the opening and closing.

Applicable area:

As we all know, the floor-to-ceiling windows are very beautiful, of course, they can be installed in a large area if conditions permit. Let’s talk about a few commonly used fields:

The living room uses panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows in the more commonly used spaces, especially large planes and high-rise buildings, so that the beauty of the city can be seen at a glance.

The addition of floor-to-ceiling windows in the restaurant can change the lighting, make the space bright, and make dining more comfortable.

The bedroom is designed with floor-to-ceiling windows, and a sense of happiness arises spontaneously. Before going to bed, you can see the beautiful moonlight. If you don’t want to be woken up by the sun, you must choose the curtains.

Free space, matching uninhibited soul, a floor-to-ceiling window with unlimited vision, breaking the original pattern to limit the integration of space, showing the ritual sense of life everywhere, revealing the breath of high-quality life everywhere, and extending the love for life infinitely. Are you excited about such a large floor-to-ceiling window?