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Will the aluminum-clad wooden window crack during use?


As a high-performance, high-value energy-saving door and window, aluminum-clad wood windows are increasingly welcomed by owners.

However, when purchasing aluminum-clad wooden windows, in addition to the strength, hardness, texture, wear resistance, deformation resistance, etc. of the wood material, many owners will worry about such problems, that is, because the main material of aluminum-clad wooden windows It is wood, so will there be a problem of cracking in the subsequent use process?

In fact, as long as it is applied properly, it is difficult to crack. As for why, Baydee uPVC Profiles will come to you soon~

Before understanding why aluminum-clad wood window wood does not crack, we need to understand why the wood cracks?

There are various reasons for wood cracking. For example, quality problems, transportation problems, installation problems, temperature and humidity problems and other factors can cause wood to crack. But if we say which factor has a greater impact on wood, the answer given by the editor is moisture content, which can have the following three forms of cracking:

The wood is seriously damped or soaked in water, causing its water content to increase, and the high water content causes the wood to expand and deform, which in turn causes the wood to crack;

In areas with a dry climate, due to the decrease in moisture content, the internal stress of the wood is gradually revealed, causing deformation and cracking of the wood;

Due to the influence of the use environment, the humid and hot environment will cause wood deformation;

In general, the above three reasons have a relatively large impact on the cracking of wood during use, so when it is applied to aluminum-clad wood windows, why is it said that it will not crack?

Aluminum clad wood will not be deformed, because the deformation or cracking of the wood has a great influence on the processing technology, the use environment and the way of use in the home. For example, if the humidity in the home is too high or too low, and the installation method is incorrect, the aluminum clad wood window will crack. influences.

All materials have been strictly screened, treated with anti-corrosion, degreasing, flame retardant, etc. and bonded with high-strength glue imported from Germany, so that the strength, corrosion resistance, weather resistance and other aspects of the wood are guaranteed and durable. However, the key factors that determine the strength of wood are the moisture content and drying stress of the wood. When the wood reaches the equilibrium moisture content when it is used, the wood at this time is not easy to crack and deform. Also, regular ventilation to keep the indoor temperature and humidity suitable will reduce the possibility of wood cracking and deformation.

In short, aluminum-clad wood doors and windows have many advantages and very ingenious designs. These aspects are combined to create the status and influence of aluminum-clad wood doors and windows in the door and window market today!