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Door and window hardware 9 consecutive questions


Hardware is called the "heart of doors and windows". It is very important to choose the right hardware accessories. Baydee summarizes the following 9 problems that need attention;

1. In addition to meeting the physical properties and mechanical properties of doors and windows, what conditions should door and window hardware accessories meet?

(1) Easy to operate, single-point control: various opening functions can be realized by changing the position of the handle;

(2) Standardization and serialization, so that door and window enterprises and construction companies can install quickly;

(3) Adjustability;

(4) Strong bearing capacity;

(5) High security;

(6) Wide application;

(7) Strong applicability (high-quality specifications).

2. How should door and window hardware accessories be selected and calculated?

Door and window hardware

(1) When choosing hardware accessories, try to choose products with guaranteed quality. The quality grade of hardware accessories should be consistent with the quality grade of doors and windows. The structure and shape of hardware accessories should be consistent with the profiles. The color is harmonious and beautiful, and the function is correct. Flexible operation and easy installation.

(2) The installation of hardware accessories should be complete, standardized, reliable and accurate. After installation, the doors and windows are beautiful in appearance, flexible and convenient to open, free from deformation, obstruction and collision.

(3) The exposed fasteners of hardware accessories should preferably be made of stainless steel.

(4) Multiple lock points should be used when closing casement doors and windows and large sliding doors and windows, otherwise the air tightness will be greatly reduced under the action of negative pressure difference. Considering the convenience of operation, it is best to use multi-lock point handles or actuators .

3. How wide is the sash of the casement window suitable?

What are the disadvantages of installing an oversized sash? Some owners like large sashes and think that the ventilation effect is good. In fact, the ventilation effect of larger sashes and smaller sashes is not much different. And what are the disadvantages of the window sash being too large? First, the sash is too heavy, which increases the load of sliding braces, hinges, hinges and other accessories, increases friction, shortens the service life of accessories, and increases the resistance of opening and closing. The second is that when the window sash is opened and closed, the handle lock travel is increased, and the arm needs to be extended more, which will also increase the difficulty of opening and closing and increase the danger. Generally, the width of the window sash is 60-65 cm.

4. What is the appropriate height of the door and window handle?

It is best to explain the position of the handle lock of the casement window when placing an order, so that the parameters can be adjusted in the design and processing. After all, it is customized according to the specific situation of the owner. How high should the handle lock be? Under normal circumstances, the height of the handle lock from the ground should be near the shoulders of the female owner, usually about 1.4 meters. If the female owner is taller, it should be increased.

5. The sliding braces of poor quality will loosen after a period of use, which will seriously cause the window sash to fall off and cause potential safety hazards. What are the material requirements for high-quality sliding braces?

The sliding support must be rust-proof, because if rust occurs, it will affect the smoothness of sliding, and reduce the mechanical properties of the sliding support, which will lead to breakage. In order to have good corrosion resistance, it is necessary to use high-grade stainless steel above 300 series, such as 304 stainless steel. This type of stainless steel has high corrosion resistance and high strength and toughness, while the low-grade stainless steel with 2 prefixes such as 201, 202 Although the price is low, the corrosion resistance is lower than that of the 300 series. And 304 stainless steel has high wear resistance.

In addition, the thickness of the sliding brace also affects the bearing capacity. When the sash is heavy, it is best to choose a sliding brace with a thickness of more than 2.5.

6. Why does the hinge have grease exposed after a period of time?

After the hinge has been running for a period of time, the viscosity of the grease added in it is reduced, and it is easier to flow out; at the same time, the shaft core and the reel of the hinge will suffer from different degrees of wear. Oil stains black. Therefore, depending on the oil used and the processing accuracy, the hinge with added grease will have transparent or black grease flowing out sooner or later, affecting the appearance to varying degrees.

Seven, often say door and window hardware, which "five" gold does it mean?

①Building door lock: a lock installed on the door leaf and door frame of a building that needs to be opened and closed. It is generally composed of lock body (including lock tongue, door and window hardware, operating mechanism and braking mechanism), lock panel, handle, cover and so on.

②Handle: used to open and close the metal window sash. It is generally installed in the middle of the edge of the window sash, and some are also designed to be linked with door and window hardware such as latches. Mostly made of brass, low carbon steel, zinc alloy, stainless steel and other materials, the surface is plated with nickel, chromium or zinc.

③Support: used to position the opened metal window sash. It is generally installed on the lower edge of the window sash, and some are also designed to be used in conjunction with the hinge.

④Hinge: also known as hinge. It is the connection between the door and the door frame, the window and the window frame, which can make the door and window rotate freely and open and close the door and window hardware. The hinge is formed by connecting the blade and the pin shaft.

⑤ Door closer: a device that can automatically close or fix the opened door leaf in a certain position.

8. How to properly maintain the door and window hardware to make the service life longer?

①Stainless steel handle and other stainless steel "hardware" can be scrubbed with bright detergent, which can increase the brightness.

②The function of moving parts such as hinges, hanging wheels, casters, etc. may be reduced due to the adhesion of dust during long-term movement. One to two drops of lubricating oil every six months can keep them smooth.

③ Special attention should be paid to the direction in which the handle is rotated and stretched, and no dead force should be used. In particular, teach children not to hang on the door handle and swing, which is prone to danger and may cause damage to the inner door. Once the lock is broken, basically the house seems to be undefended, and the safety hazard is very big!

④When the rotation of the lock cylinder is not sensitive enough, scrape a small amount of black powder from the pencil lead and blow lightly into the lock hole. This is because the graphite component is an excellent solid lubricant. Avoid dripping lubricating oil, as it will make it easier for dust to adhere.

9. Why can door and window hardware affect the economic performance of doors and windows and the life of the whole window?

There is also fierce market competition in the building door and window industry. One of the important ways to get rid of single price competition and create a benign market environment is to continuously enrich product functions and use technological advantages to expand product profit margins. An important link that can enrich the functions of door and window products is hardware accessories.

The quality of hardware also affects the life of doors and windows. Good hardware should look thick, and the surface gloss should be better, the protective layer should be dense, and there should be no scratches. The most important point is that the opening should be flexible.

The Crown system doors and windows hardware under Baydee are all imported hardware accessories, all-metal steel material, anti-corrosion surface treatment, safety and anti-prying coefficient up to international standards, single fan bearing up to 200KG, which can meet the requirements of large open fans; metal handles meet the The human body feels comfortable. After tens of thousands of opening tests, the service life is the same as that of the building.

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