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How to choose system doors and windows so as not to be pitted?


一、The details of the window frame

1. Aluminum
The profile must choose primary aluminum, and the well-known domestic brand aluminum—Baydee aluminum can be well guaranteed to be primary aluminum. Baydee fully introduces advanced equipment and production technology, uses high-quality primary aluminum, and creates high-quality aluminum profiles. The company's products cover two major sectors: industrial aluminum profiles and architectural aluminum materials.

2. Profile thickness
The width of the window frame is what we call the 60/70/80/90/100 series, which refers to the thickness of the outer frame of the window, and the wall thickness also varies from 1.4mm to 1.8mm according to the national standard. The outward opening window must be ≥1.8mm.

3. Spray
The factory colors of broken bridge aluminum are mostly white, gray, and coffee. The appearance color of many communities should be unified. The system window can be done according to the color requirements outside the community window. The interior color can be matched according to the home decoration style, there are powder spraying, fluorocarbon spraying is more wear-resistant and more advanced.

二、 How to choose glass?

1. Glass
Choose a good original glass brand (Beihexin Glass under Brady) with sufficient color and thickness and better light transmittance. The doors and windows of the Crown system are all made of self-deep-processed energy-saving tempered insulating glass. The minimum thermal insulation coefficient of the whole window can reach k=0.59W (m².k), which reaches the high level of the national building exterior window thermal insulation performance classification. High level; a variety of safe thermal insulation treatment processes to meet more requirements of customers.

How to choose system doors and windows so as not to be pitted

2. Glass specifications
Most of a boat’s home decoration is made of two layers of hollow tempered glass. If you need better thermal insulation, you can use three layers of hollow glass. If you need better sound insulation, you can use laminated hollow glass. If you need good heat insulation, you can choose hollow LOW-E glass. The glass must be selected Stronger and safer with tempered 3C certification (optional according to your own needs)

3. Process
The aluminum strip has integrated bending and gusseting process, there is not much difference in performance, the integrated bending is better, the insulating glass is filled with argon gas, the sound insulation and heat insulation effect is better, and the anti-collision is not easy to fog. Since the establishment of Crown system doors and windows, it has taken great country craftsmen as the spiritual belief of the company, and used the spirit of craftsmen to create outstanding quality. With no distractions, we focus on research skills, and take quality as the foothold of all development and innovation. More than 100 window forming processes, all only to create energy-saving doors and windows with super performance.

三、 How to choose the hardware?

1. Hardware is called "the heart of doors and windows". Crown system doors and windows hardware are all imported hardware accessories, all-metal steel material, anti-corrosion surface treatment, safety and anti-prying coefficient up to international standards, and the bearing height of a single fan can reach 200KG, which can meet the Large opening fan requirements; the metal handle conforms to the comfort of the human body. After tens of thousands of opening tests, the service life is the same as that of the building.

2. Window hinges
There are two types of hardware hinges, one is a hidden hinge and the other is a clear hinge.

四、 How to choose the screen window?
The diamond mesh screen is not easy to be damaged, and the material is 304 stainless steel. Detachable for easy cleaning. High-rise floors can choose high-transparency screen windows (it is recommended to choose the inner casement and removable)

五、 How to choose auxiliary materials?

1. Insulation strip
The insulation strip must be made of PA66 nylon, there are 1-shaped, C-shaped, multi-cavity type, and partition type.

2, sealing strip
The quality of the sealing strip directly determines the sealing effect of the window. Made of EPDM, the doors and windows of the Crown system use "automotive grade" EPDM (EPDM) sealing strips, and the central strip adopts an integrated rubber ring vulcanization molding process. Suitable for special environments, it can withstand temperature changes of 150 degrees at high temperature and 40 degrees below zero at low temperature, and its service life can reach 30 years.

3. Waterproof glue
The waterproof glue at the connection between the wall and the window frame is also crucial.


System window process:

1. Corner connection: group corner glue injection process or pin glue injection process

2. Middle connection: pin injection process or pin injection plus locking part process

3. Isostatic rubber strip: integrated process of rubber corner or bending process

4. Steel sheet injection process

5. Glue injection process for nylon water blocking parts

6. Dust-proof leather strip technology

7. Window sash four-side safety corner technology

Baydee's Crown system doors and windows are strictly controlled from the procurement of raw materials and accessories, and the accuracy of structural components. Environmental protection, pollution-free, recyclable, and high strength are the factors that make Keraoen doors and windows superior to other brands.