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What is the difference between broken bridge aluminum and system windows?


Doors and windows are divided into the following categories: 1. Aluminum alloy doors and windows 2. Aluminum-clad wood doors and windows 3. Aluminum-clad plastic doors and windows

Aluminum alloy doors and windows are divided into: sliding windows, ordinary broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, aluminum alloy system doors and windows (also known as high-end aluminum alloy broken bridges)

Broken bridge aluminum is to use ordinary plastic or PA66 nylon strips for heat insulation between aluminum materials. The width of the insulation strips and the quantity and quality of the sealing strips will affect the insulation performance of doors and windows!

Baydee system windos

There is a reason why the Chinese call it system doors and windows. System doors and windows are doors and windows enterprises based on the overall performance of doors and windows, including wind pressure resistance, air tightness, water tightness, sound insulation performance, energy saving k value and other four properties and one pressure. , heat insulation strips, sealing strips, hardware systems, opening methods, etc.) through equipment processing, cutting, splicing, combining and other different processes, select the matching glass, so that doors and windows become real products, through the national authoritative testing department testing and certification, Only the door and window products that have issued a formal test report can be called a real system door and window!

In a word: If you can provide the national formal test report, indicating the specific data of the four properties and one pressure, and the k value is less than 1.8, it belongs to the good system doors and windows. The lower the k value, the better the performance of the doors and windows, and the relative price higher!

System doors and windows include aluminum alloy system doors and windows, aluminum-clad wood, and aluminum-clad plastic three categories!
Aluminum clad wood is basically a high-end energy-saving door and window. Many rich villa users will choose aluminum clad wood! In the northern market, it is used a lot. In the south, due to the rainy and humid weather, the wood is not easy to take care of, and there will still be mildew and cracking! Therefore, aluminum-clad wood is difficult to obtain in the southern market, so it only belongs to the top high-end consumers!

Baydee's Crown system doors and windows combine the structural stability of steel, the weather resistance and aging resistance of aluminum, and the sound insulation and heat insulation performance of UPVC polymer plastic. Even with four glass, the performance of doors and windows is much higher than that of aluminum alloy doors and windows, and the cost performance is also the highest among the three types of doors and windows! The market share of UPVC doors and windows in other countries exceeds 60-70%, and the service life has exceeded 50 years. I believe that aluminum-coated plastic doors and windows will continue to be known and accepted by more people!

Crown system doors and windows introduce a unique German environmental protection formula system --- a super-long carbon chain chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, nano-scale micro-metal particles, refractory materials, super lightfast grade COOL inorganic cold pigment polymerized. Low heat transfer coefficient, zero formaldehyde, recyclable, green and energy-saving environmentally friendly composite profiles
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