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Why you must choose professional soundproof windows?


Those who can do a good job of doors and windows are not necessarily good soundproof windows. As a functional product, soundproof windows must solve the problem of noise pollution on the basis of satisfying the five functions of the doors and windows of the system.

Baydee soundproof windows

UPVC profile + multi-layer composite solid glass VS broken bridge + insulating glass

15% profiles + 85% glass determine the sound insulation effect of windows. Ordinary doors and windows are usually made of broken bridge aluminum + insulating glass. , And the professional sound insulation window is a combination of UPVC profiles + multi-layer solid glass. The UPVC profiles are welded by high temperature heat fusion without leaving gaps. The multi-cavity structure is matched with professional sound insulation glass, which has a good absorption effect on sound wave vibration.

Professional team research, on the basis of good doors and windows, focus on sound insulation function, professional team research and development products, compared with ordinary door and window merchants, have their own offline experience room, the effect can be heard on the spot, and the final installation sound insulation effect Also signed the decibel contract guarantee. Soundproof windows also belong to the scope of windows. Wind pressure resistance, air tightness, water tightness, thermal insulation, and sound insulation performance are all indispensable. Not only should sound insulation be achieved, but also the function of system doors and windows, so that windows are soundproof and soundproof. Rest assured about the overall performance of your windows.

The doors and windows of the Crown system under Baydee take the great country craftsmen as the spiritual belief of the enterprise, and use the craftsman spirit to create outstanding quality. With no distractions, we focus on research skills, and take quality as the foothold of all development and innovation. More than 100 window forming processes, all only to create energy-saving doors and windows with super performance. From profile extrusion equipment, door and window processing equipment to final external surface treatment process equipment, Korauen uses European energy-saving door and window automatic production lines. ±0.1mm machining accuracy, high production level, integrating various operation functions.