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The performance and advantages of UPVC Windows & Doors


1、Thermal insulation and energy saving performance of UPVC Windows & Doors

The plastic-steel doors and windows are multi-chamber structures with good thermal insulation performance, and their heat transfer performance is very small, only 1/357 of that of steel and 1/250 of that of aluminum. It can be seen that plastic doors and windows have significant thermal insulation and thermal insulation effects, especially for those with heating Modern buildings with air conditioning equipment are more applicable. The relevant departments have investigated and compared this, namely: the indoor temperature of rooms using UPVC Windows & Doors can be 4-5 degrees higher in winter than those using wooden doors and windows; the effect of using double-layer glass in northern areas is better. According to the test of the Institute of Physics of the Construction Research Institute, the heat transfer coefficient of single-glass steel and aluminum windows is 64W/M2K; the heat transfer coefficient of single-glass plastic-steel windows is about 47W/M2K; the heat transfer coefficient of ordinary double-glazed steel and aluminum windows is It is about 3.7W/M2K; while the heat transfer coefficient of double glass plastic steel window is about 2.5W/M2K. Doors and windows account for 30% of the area of ​​the building's outer protective structure, and its heat dissipation accounts for 49%. It can be seen that plastic steel windows have good energy-saving benefits.

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2、Physical properties of UPVC Windows & Doors

The physical properties of UPVC Windows & Doors mainly refer to: air permeability (air tightness), rainwater leakage (water tightness), wind pressure resistance and thermal insulation and sound insulation properties of  UPVC Windows & Doors. Because the plastic-steel door and window profiles have a unique multi-chamber structure and are made of doors and windows by welding process, all the gaps in the plastic-steel doors and windows are equipped with door and window sealing strips and tops, so they have good physical properties.

3、Corrosion resistance of UPVC Windows & Doors

UPVC Windows & Doors have good corrosion resistance due to their unique formula. Secondly, the corrosion resistance of plastic steel windows depends on the use of hardware. Under normal circumstances, hardware is metal products, but industries in corrosive environments, such as food, Medicine, sanitation, chemical industry and coastal areas, rainy and humid areas, use anti-corrosion hardware (engineering plastics), whose service life is 10 times that of UPVC Windows & Doors.

4、Fire resistance of UPVC Windows & Doors

UPVC Windows & Doors do not spontaneously ignite, do not support combustion, self-extinguish away from fire, are safe and reliable, and meet fire protection requirements. This performance further expands the use of UPVC Windows & Doors.
Use range.

5、Sound insulation performance of UPVC Windows & Doors

It is mainly due to the sound insulation effect of glass that occupies about 80% of the area. Some sound insulation plastic steel door and window products on the market use different glass combination structures according to the resonance transmission principle of sound waves and the cooperation of lotus, such as insulating glass plastic steel windows, ordinary double glass, Improve the sound insulation of doors and windows. In terms of door and window structure, the use of high-quality adhesive strips and plastic sealing accessories makes the sealing performance of UPVC Windows & Doors remarkable.

The advantages of UPVC Windows & Doors:

1. UPVC Windows & Doors have good thermal insulation: the plastic in the aluminum-plastic composite profile has a low thermal conductivity, and the thermal insulation effect is much better than that of the aluminum material.
Good airtightness, in cold areas, although the outdoor is tens of degrees below zero, the indoor is another world.

2. The UPVC Windows & Doors have good sound insulation: the structure is carefully designed, the joints are tight, and the test results, the sound insulation is 30db, which meets the relevant standards.

3. Impact resistance of plastic-steel windows and doors: Since the outer surface of the aluminum-plastic composite profile is aluminum alloy, it has much stronger impact resistance than the plastic-steel window profile.

4. Good air-tightness of plastic-steel doors and windows: Multiple sealing tops or rubber strips are installed at each gap of the aluminum-plastic composite window, and the air-tightness is first-class, which can give full play to the air-conditioning effect and save 50% of energy.

5. Good water tightness: The doors and windows are designed with a rainproof structure, which completely isolates the rainwater from the outside, and the water tightness conforms to the relevant national standards.

6. UPVC Windows & Doors have good fire resistance: UPVC Windows & Doors are UPVC materials, which do not spontaneously ignite or support combustion.

7. UPVC Windows & Doors have good anti-theft performance: aluminum-plastic composite windows are equipped with high-quality hardware accessories and advanced decorative locks, so that thieves are helpless

8. Maintenance-free: The aluminum-plastic composite profile is not easily eroded by acid and alkali, will not turn yellow and fade, and hardly needs maintenance. When it is dirty, it can be scrubbed with water and detergent, and it will be as clean as ever after cleaning.

9. Best design: The aluminum-plastic composite window is scientifically designed and adopts reasonable energy-saving profiles, so it has been recognized and praised by the national authoritative department, which can add luster to the building.

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