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The Benefits of UPVC Windows & Doors


UPVC windows and doors are the types of doors and windows often used in modern home decoration, especially bathroom doors and kitchen doors, usually using plastic steel doors. Almost everyone knows UPVC windows and doors, but there are very few people who can really understand the functions and characteristics of UPVC windows and doors. In home decoration, when purchasing building materials such as doors and windows, you must first understand their main functional characteristics. , and then buy it for sure. Now Xiaobian will introduce the nine advantages of UPVC windows and doors.

1. Good Appearance

At present, judging from the types of UPVC windows and doors already on the market, its various shapes are in line with the aesthetic viewpoints of most people, and the human body feels more comfortable than metal.

2. Soundproofing

At present, some sound-insulating UPVC windows and doors products on the market adopt different glass composite structures based on the resonance transmission principle and coupling effect of sound waves, such as insulating glass-plastic-steel windows, ordinary double-layer glass, and enhance the sound insulation effect of doors and windows. It is mainly due to the sound insulation effect of the glass covering about 80% of the area.

3. Airtight

The surface of UPVC windows and doors is smooth and delicate, and the quality is consistent from the inside to the outside. In fact, no special surface treatment is required, and it is easy and precise. The angular strength can reach more than 3,000N, and it has excellent air tightness.

4. Insulation

UPVC windows and doors use profiles as good electrical insulators, non-conductive and high safety factor.

5. Fireproof

UPVC windows and doors will not have a fever, so there is no danger of spontaneous combustion. The material of plastic steel does not have the characteristics of supporting combustion. As long as it does not meet with an open flame, it will not burn. Fire request.

6. Weather resistant

The material of UPVC windows and doors——In the production process of plastic steel, ultraviolet absorbers and low temperature impact agents are added to the raw materials, which greatly improves the weather resistance of UPVC windows and doors. In between, it can withstand the changes of hot sun, rain, dryness and humidity without showing discoloration, deterioration, aging, embrittlement and other phenomena.

7. Erosion resistance

UPVC windows and doors have excellent corrosion resistance because of their unique properties. Secondly, the corrosion resistance of plastic steel windows depends on the use of 5 metal parts. The 5 metal parts can be made of different materials and have different requirements in different industries, such as Food and other industries need to have anti-corrosion metal parts. Such metal parts with anti-erosion function are generally made of engineering plastics.

8. Physical Function

The physical functions of UPVC windows and doors mainly refer to: air infiltration (air tightness), rainwater leakage (water tightness), wind pressure resistance, thermal insulation and sound insulation of UPVC windows and doors. UPVC windows and doors are generally made of multi-cavity structure, even when installing, all gaps are equipped with door and window sealant strips and tops. Therefore, the physical performance of UPVC windows and doors is extremely excellent.

9. Keep Warm

Also, because UPVC windows and doors are generally made of multi-cavity structures, the heat conduction function of the finished UPVC windows and doors is seriously reduced. 1/250, if there is heating indoors in winter, UPVC windows and doors can have an effective thermal insulation effect, and also save energy loss.

The functional characteristics of UPVC windows and doors are obvious with 10 points. Because of the special materials used by UPVC windows and doors, the functional characteristics of UPVC windows and doors are different from other types of doors.

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The above is the basic overview and introduction of UPVC windows and doors that Xiaobian introduced to you today. I believe everyone has a little understanding. I hope this article can help you.