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How to distinguish the quality of uPVC window?


As the saying goes, uPVC window products are the deepest in the building materials industry. Laymen who buy uPVC windows will be slaughtered in all likelihood. How to ensure the high quality of uPVC windows and avoid being slaughtered by merchants at the same time? Today I will share with you how to easily distinguish the quality of uPVC window.

1. Look at the window frame profiles

Now people buy uPVC windows, the most popular is the system uPVC window. The system uPVC window includes all the advantages of plastic steel windows, wooden windows and aluminum alloy windows in the past. It not only has high lightness, high toughness, but also corrosion resistance, wear resistance, deformation resistance, and durability.
When choosing broken bridge aluminum uPVC window, pay attention to the wall thickness of uPVC window profiles. The international standard is not less than 1.8mm, but the thickness of inferior uPVC window profiles may be only 1.0 to 1.2 mm. In addition, before buying uPVC window profiles, you should also pay attention to the surface of the profiles. Good uPVC window profiles should not have obvious damage, aluminum chips, burrs, oil spots or other stains.

2. Look at uPVC window glass

uPVC window glass occupies the largest position in the entire window, so the choice of glass is particularly important. Choose uPVC window, ordinary glass is not recommended, it has poor compression resistance, cannot withstand impact, is easy to break, and is prone to safety accidents. Therefore, tempered glass is relatively safe. If there is a requirement for thermal insulation, choose insulating glass. If there is a requirement for sound insulation, choose laminated glass. Tempered glass must look for the 3C certification mark.

3. Look at uPVC window hardware

Although the hardware is inconspicuous, it is the heart of the uPVC window, which not only affects the performance of the uPVC window, but also determines the service life of the uPVC window. The uPVC window must be equipped with high-quality hardware, otherwise the inferior hardware may begin to rust and damage after a year or two, resulting in the uPVC window not opening smoothly or even falling off, resulting in safety accidents.

4. Look at the processing technology

The quality of uPVC window is mainly reflected in whether the production process is fine. With a high-quality uPVC window, you will find that it has fine processing, smooth tangent lines, precise angles, and exquisite installation. There will be no obvious gaps or poor opening and closing. Those uPVC windows with large gaps and corners of door frames that cannot be spliced ​​flat, due to rough work, cannot be used. There is not only the hidden danger of rain leakage in rainy days, but also because the typhoon day comes, the entire uPVC window can not stand the toss and is directly blown away or the glass bursts. When choosing a uPVC window, you must be optimistic about the uPVC window process produced by the manufacturer.

5. Look at the uPVC window brand

When buying uPVC windows, try to choose a brand with a good reputation in the market and a complete after-sales system. Choosing a brand can have certain guarantees in all aspects. It is very not recommended to go to those uPVC window shops on the roadside to buy uPVC windows. Not only are the quality and craftsmanship prone to problems, but the most worrying thing is that after-sales rights protection is very difficult.
In short, uPVC window, as an indispensable part of the home, always guards the safety of the living room. When we buy uPVC windows, we can’t just look at the cheap price and not the quality. uPVC windows need to experience wind, sun and rain for a long time. A good uPVC window can be used for decades without deformation.

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