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Here’s Why Baydee uPVC Profiles Should Be Your Prime Choice


Baydee is a famous uPVC profile manufacturer from China and a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and marketing. Baydee upvc profiles products cover the mainstream needs of domestic and foreign markets and can meet different customized requirements of customers. Every year, a large number of products are sold all over the world, including UPVC profilesaluminum profiles, UPVC windows, UPVC doors, UPVC sliding windows, UPVC casement windows, UPVC swing doors, etc.

Baydee upvc profiles product specifications include 60, 65, 70 casement series; 60, 80, 88, 92, 112 push-pull series. Colors include white, full-color, two-color co-extrusion (ASA) and aluminum-plastic composite products. The products are produced in strict accordance with national standards, low-carbon and environmentally friendly, with complete specifications, diverse colors and superior quality, to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Baydee has the following advantages:

1. We have advanced technical equipment:

The company has introduced the leading German door and window system advanced technology, equipped with German KraussMaffei high-speed extrusion production line, Spanish Babelan laminating equipment and German Stutz system door and window production line.
Starting from the raw materials of the product and every component of the product, to the refinement of every procedure in the window forming process, we carefully create the ultra-low energy consumption system door and window products that meet European standards.

2. 800,000 m² 5.0 intelligent production line: the company's current production capacity reaches:

· The annual production capacity of Baydee uPVC profiles is 120,000 tons.
· The annual production capacity of glass is 1.5 million m².
· UPVC Windows & Doors process 1 million m² annually.
· The annual production capacity of plates is 40,000 tons.
· The annual production capacity of the wall is 1 million m².
· Annual output of 600,000 sets of interior doors.

3. Baydee has domestic advanced production lines and product inspection and testing equipment,

and the production raw materials use internationally advanced green stabilizers, DuPont titanium dioxide from the United States, and Ciba UV absorbers from Switzerland. Cooperation; quality control strictly implement the ISO9001:2015 international quality management system standard.

4. Leading industry standards and specifications:

In July 2016, Crown system doors and windows became the 11th council unit of China Construction Metal Structure Association, and was invited to participate in the compilation of the "Research on the Application and Implementation Guide for Building Doors and Windows Series Standards"; Metal Structure Association, Quanlian Real Estate Chamber of Commerce, and National Standardization Technical Committee for Building Curtain Walls and Doors and Windows are invited to participate in the publicity meeting and related activities of "Technical Guidelines for Doors and Windows in Building Systems"; . Participated in the formulation of the national standard "Test Methods and Judgment Requirements for Fire-Resistant Integrity of Building Doors and Windows"; actively participated in the compilation work symposium of "Plastic Profile Industry Development History" in September 2019, seeking common development for the plastic profile industry. Due to its outstanding contribution in the industry, the 2018 "National Door and Window Association Annual Meeting" and "National Door and Window Technology Seminar" were successfully held in our company, which greatly enhanced the company's popularity and brand influence.

As a leader in the upvc profiles industry, Baydee will continue to provide high-quality services to customers around the world. With the spirit of development and innovation, adhering to the concept of "craftsman in a great country", we will realize "built in China", accelerate the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of doors and windows of building industrialization, intelligentization, low-carbon, environmental protection, and energy-saving systems, and help the country achieve "carbon peaking" ”, the strategic goal of “carbon neutrality”.