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Which is better, sliding window or broken bridge window?


In decoration, the choice of windows is very diverse, with various performance and aesthetic effects. Sliding windows and broken bridge windows are two styles that people will struggle with. So which is better, sliding window or broken bridge window? Next, Baydee Upvc Profiles will introduce it to you.

sliding window

1. Sound insulation and heat insulation effect

Broken bridge window: the doors and windows are softly combined with the inner and outer frames of heat-insulating profiles, and the frame adopts a three-sealing form of one rubber strip and two top strips, which is tightly closed, has excellent air-tight and water-tight performance, and has excellent thermal insulation performance; The windows really show excellent sound insulation, heat insulation, thermal insulation, function, and save a lot of heating and cooling costs.

Ordinary sliding window: Because the door leaf and the door frame are not tightly fitted, the energy convection inside and outside the room is relatively fast, and the effect of heat insulation cannot be well achieved; or because of this, the door leaf will shake slightly when encountering strong winds The sound seriously affects the rest.

2. Sealing effect

Broken bridge window: The double sealing strips of the fan and frame of the window ensure water tightness and air tightness, and at the same time can improve the sound insulation effect. No matter the wind or the rain, there will be no wind or rain entering the room after closing the window.

Ordinary sliding window: The sliding window is the groove of the door leaf and the rail of the door frame, or the door leaf and the groove of the door frame are matched to close the door and window. tightness and water tightness) are poor.

3. Safety factor

Broken bridge windows: Doors and windows are equipped with unique multi-point hardware locks to ensure the stability and safety of windows in use. The diamond mesh integrated window can be equipped with a protective fence, which will not affect the appearance, but also can prevent theft, and no longer need to worry about the danger of children climbing the window and falling.

Ordinary sliding windows: As the country has higher and higher requirements for the appearance of commercial buildings, in the future, regardless of large, medium and small cities, all commercial buildings are not allowed to install anti-theft nets outdoors, so sliding windows are more dangerous to use. In addition, if the sliding window is used improperly or in a typhoon, the door leaf will jump off the rail and fall.

4. Aesthetics

Broken bridge window: The overall effect is good, there is no abrupt feeling, and the opening position can be arbitrarily set according to the size to achieve a good ventilation effect, and it looks harmonious, delicate and full of security.

Ordinary sliding window: The size of the bay of a window is usually specified, and it cannot be changed at will. The style is uniform and old-fashioned, and it is not personalized.