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What is the difference between system windows and non-system windows?


System windows are a very popular type of windows and doors in recent years. So what is the difference between system windows and non-system windows? Next, Baydee Upvc Profiles will introduce it to you.

system window

1. Stability

The system doors and windows have their own independent technical department, which will carry out strict testing and inspection for each component of the system doors and windows, so each component is very well matched, not prone to failure, and has good stability.

The non-system window is to order different parts for assembly according to your own needs, but there will be some problems in the process of use, and the stability is relatively poor. After 2 to 3 years of research and development of system doors and windows, the materials, the performance and quality of the entire doors and windows are comprehensively tested, and mature products are launched after reaching the expected goals.

2. Flexibility

The components of the system doors and windows have been fixed according to different performances, and the room for selection is relatively small compared to non-system windows, so the flexibility is small. System doors and windows are serialized and standardized products. The slot structure and material supply are highly exclusive and incompatible. The series can only be selected according to the needs of the project. Generally, individual projects will not be developed.

Non-system windows can flexibly configure their own components according to their own needs. Non-system window materials can be selected by domestic and foreign manufacturers, and can also be temporarily opened, with strong flexibility.

3. Software

While providing products, the system doors and windows also provide design software, design manuals, procurement manuals, processing manuals, professional special equipment and technical service support, which is a complete industrial chain.

The quality of non-system windows depends on the level of designers and the ability of door and window enterprises to process and install.

4. In terms of price

The materials and processes selected for the system doors and windows are more rigorous, so the price will be more expensive. The non-system windows are generally selected from ordinary materials, and there is not much emphasis on the process, so the price will be lower.

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