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Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows selection skills


01 profile: it is difficult to distinguish between true and false, the model depends on the ruler, and the seal depends on the rubber strip

Profiles (that is, broken bridge aluminum) are one of the main materials that make up broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. When purchasing it, the most important thing is to pay attention to the three major points of durability, heat insulation, and sound insulation and sealing. So Baydee's suggestion is:

1. The most important first item is what was mentioned above and at the beginning of the article. The Broken Bridge Aluminum brand only represents the manufacturer of the profile, and cannot represent the quality of the entire door and window.

2. Don’t think that you can’t tell the real and fake broken bridge aluminum (fake imitation is too real), even the masters with rich installation experience can only judge from whether the surface color of the broken bridge aluminum is dull, the light is not smooth, etc. See a thing or two. The difficulty of distinguishing the true and false of broken bridge aluminum also shows how important it is to choose a good door and window processing factory.

3. The best way to judge whether the quality of broken bridge aluminum is high-quality or not is the most "stupid" way, go to the door and window processing factory to have a look in person. To a certain extent, the working attitude of the door and window processing factory determines the straightness of the aluminum doors and windows of the broken bridge.

4. There are many product series of mainstream broken bridge aluminum manufacturers on the market (60657080, 130, etc.), and this type of model refers to the profile width (65 mm, 65 mm, 70 mm and so on). The increase of the series number does not represent the improvement of performance, but only the price (the wider the profile, the higher the cost).

5. When we choose profile series, we should not listen to what the merchants say "the larger the series, the better the thermal and sound insulation effect of broken bridge aluminum windows". window.

The most important thing to keep warm and soundproof is to rely on the cooperation of profiles, glass, hardware, etc. Therefore, we should choose the series according to our own needs. Generally, the 60 series is sufficient.

6. But if your home (the community is particularly noisy; floor-to-ceiling windows are installed; the floor is relatively high; the requirements for sound insulation are particularly high, and the home has a mine) you can also consider the 70 series.

7. In addition to being easy to be selected, the series of profiles has a big pitfall: the names of the series are regulated. The 60 series means that the width of the profile is between 60 mm and 64 mm, and the 65 series means The profile width is between 65 mm and 69 mm. Merchants will falsely report series in order to increase prices.

For example, the profile merchants who actually only have 72 mm will call it the 90 series, and the ones that are only 55 mm are called the 60 series. If you want not to be cheated, Baydee recommends that you prepare a ruler when selecting profiles, as long as you measure it, you will know it in your heart.

8. The reason why the broken bridge aluminum has the function of heat insulation depends entirely on the heat insulation strip in the middle of the broken bridge aluminum. In order to control costs, merchants are likely to be tricky here. Will replace nylon PA 66 with pvc insulation strips. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on it and ask the merchant more.

To deal with dishonest merchants, Baydee also teaches you a way to deal with him. Use a lighter to burn the heat insulation strip, the nylon strip is very difficult to burn.

9. Don't listen to the merchants: the more sealing channels, the better. Baydee thinks this is pure deceit, generally as long as the outer, inner and middle seals are done well, it is enough to have a good sealing effect.

10. Quotation of broken bridge aluminum: The price of broken bridge aluminum is complicated and opaque, which has always been criticized by consumers. Down to 300, not capped, dazzling. Baydee talks about 3 general quotes:

The lowest quotation: about two to three hundred per square meter, which is the "cost price" of DIY doors and windows made by small door and window shops. The most obvious advantage is of course the low price, but this price generally does not include additional charges Additional charges. At the same time, there is no guarantee for product quality and after-sales service.
Quotation to meet the needs of ordinary families: about five or six hundred per square meter, the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows at this price can meet the door and window needs of most consumers. Product quality and installation will be better than the previous one. After-sales is relatively guaranteed.
Quotation suitable for middle-class families and new consumption concepts: about 1,800 per square meter. Door and window owners at this price will make products based on their experience and consumer needs. And there should be good product quality and after-sales protection after installation.

02 Suggestions on glass, hardware, and other auxiliary materials

11. Glass is also one of the main profiles of doors and windows. The standard configuration of broken bridge aluminum is insulating glass, which can meet the needs of most consumers.

12. Insulating tempered glass is one level higher than insulating glass. The price is a little higher than insulating glass, but it has better safety and wider applicability. Therefore, Baydee believes that insulating tempered glass is the first choice, and its popular configuration is 5 + 12 A + 5 (hollow layer is insulating glass with a thickness of 12 mm).

13. A detail that must be paid attention to during the acceptance of tempered glass: the CCC steel seal (commonly known as the 3 C mark) on the glass is mandatory by the state. It should be on every piece of glass, it is the most important guarantee for the quality of the glass.

14. The glass area ≥ 1.5 ㎡, the bottom of the floor-to-ceiling windows is ≤ 50 cm from the ground, the door and window glass on the 7th floor and above, and the positions that are vulnerable to impact are all recommended to be installed with toughened glass.

15. Glass such as coated glass, laminated glass, and laminated insulating glass all have their own advantages (of course, the price advantage is also counted). If there is a need, you can talk to the door and window boss when making doors and windows.

16. The light transmittance of glass is a point that many consumers don't care about, and its impact can be large or small. The lighting in the room at home is too good, you can ask to choose glass with medium light transmittance to soften the harsh sunlight. If lighting is not enough, glass with high light transmittance is required.

17. Hardware: Don't look at the hardware of doors and windows. Its role cannot be ignored. Generally speaking, it is one of the sealing guarantees for windows, and it also has anti-theft functions. Good hardware can ensure the smooth opening and closing of doors and windows after a long time.

18. There are roughly two important points about hardware. First, there are three easiest ways to identify good and bad hardware. First, the high price is due to the low price, and the imported one is due to domestic production. The principle that Baydee gives you is to buy the best hardware. Don't look at the difference in the initial stage of use, you will come to thank Baydee after 3 years.

19. The hardware of the casement window has a difference in the number of locking points: do not choose hardware with a single locking point, its sealing and anti-theft effects are not good. A latch with more than 2 latch points should be selected.

20. Because it is troublesome to repair and replace accessories in the later stage, the rubber strips of doors and windows are preferably made of high-quality EPDM. The softness of the leather strip is an indispensable condition for the sealing of doors and windows. Inferior rubber strips will be deformed in a few months, but EPDM can last for decades.

21. Because it is troublesome to repair and replace accessories in the later stage, the tops of sliding windows should be clipped. It is several times longer than ordinary wool tops, and when the outer window encounters water, it can still guarantee the sealing ability.

22. Sealant, foaming agent, punching screws and other inconspicuous accessories, as above, choose the best.

03 Window type of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

23. Each window type has its own functions and advantages and disadvantages. Sliding windows do not take up any space, but have poor sound insulation. They are generally used on balconies and sun rooms for the convenience of washing and drying. Casement windows have better sealing performance and are the first choice for ordinary families. The disadvantage is that cleaning is not convenient enough. Inward-opening and inward-facing windows are suitable for high-rise residences, and they also have the advantages of both of the above. The disadvantage is that opening will take up a part of the indoor space and the price is relatively expensive.

04 Head-to-head confrontation with the owner of the door and window shop

24. When communicating with the store owner, you can investigate him in this way: What material is your rubber strip made of? (The correct answer should be EPDM); what kind of glass do you use, and which glass factory is the best here? (Investigate the merchants' requirements for glass); where do you buy your hardware and hinges, and if my door and window accessories are broken in the future, where should I go to get them? (Investigate the requirements of merchants for hardware accessories)

25. Determine the responsibility for installation with the merchant before purchasing: what is the construction period, and how is the party responsible for rework calculated? What is the installation standard of doors and windows? What should I do if I fail to meet them? What are sealants and foaming agents used for? What to do about water leakage, and how to solve after-sales problems? All the agreement is the best policy!

26. The most important thing is to make all the money clear before starting.