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Install a skylight in the attic


01 The function of the sunroof

Attics are generally divided into two types, with attics on the top floor or pure attics. The attic on the top floor is the most common type. This kind of attic has one thing in common: the floor height is low, which leads to insufficient light, and the living life will appear more depressing.

The first function of the skylight is "lighting". There is a comparison picture below, and it is obvious that "a beam of free and bright light comes in":

With some natural light, the small attic is not only hidden, but also instantly warm and open:

Secondly, the minds of contemporary young people are open. The attic can not only be transformed into a bedroom, but also often transformed into an entertainment room, studio, study, bathroom, Bar...

This calls for skylights to improve air circulation ("ventilation"), and to impart mood ("aesthetics"):

In addition to the breeze, the skylight can also bring beams of sunshine, starlight, moonlight, lightning... The changing wind and rain, and the alternation of seasons have also become surprises at home.

02 Choice of skylight

1. Hung windows on sloping roofs: the widest range of applications

Top-hung windows, center-hung windows; wood-framed, aluminum-alloy-framed suspended skylights are sufficient to meet the daily needs of general attics.

The difference between top-hung and middle-hung windows lies in the different window opening methods: top-hung windows have a wide opening surface, good vision, and are easy to install screen windows; middle-hung windows can be turned over, and the outer glass can be cleaned while standing inside the house. This type of hanging window is affordable, and it is easy to find such manufacturers on the market.

2. Balcony windows: the most eye-catching

Open a window to enjoy the breeze in my spare time, open a balcony to pretend to be cool when friends visit, and have a drink with my wife under the moonlight. This window can satisfy all my fantasies about life.

Of course, the price is not cheap, such a window can buy many ordinary skylights.

3. Terrace window: connect to the outdoor balcony

Terrace windows and balcony windows are very similar, the upper half is a top-hung open fan, and the lower half is a mobile fan (the price is also similar); the difference is that the balcony of the balcony window is virtual, which is the extension of the outdoor space by the mobile fan ; and the balcony of the balcony window is already there, and the movable fan acts as a partition like a "door".

Alfresco dinners, outdoor barbecues and basking in the sun in the coming winter of Hangzhou....

03 How to open the skylight if there is an attic but no opening

Those of you who have skylights in the attic, are you a little excited about your future life when you see this place, but are you a little frustrated if there are attics without skylight openings?

In fact, compared to Baydee, which has no attic, it is not a problem if there is no hole in the attic.

A word of caution: As long as there is no problem with the quality of the house itself, the method of "opening holes and installing skylights yourself" will have little effect on the load bearing of the roof.

04 Precautions for installing skylights in the attic

The above summarizes that skylights can bring brightness, ventilation, atmosphere, warmth, space and other advantages to the attic. However, as a kind of doors and windows, skylights may also have some problems if the product or installation is not satisfactory: heat insulation, sealing, rain leakage ...

Therefore, Baydee recommends that you pay attention to the following points when installing skylights:

1. From a practical point of view: top-hung windows are recommended, which are convenient for installing screens to prevent mosquitoes...but for the convenience of glass cleaning, middle-hung windows are recommended, hey ~ entangled

2. If you want to be more economical, consider aluminum alloy frame skylights; if you pay more attention to the decorative effect brought by solid wood, please choose aluminum-clad wood skylights.

3. As the attic is the top floor of the house, heat insulation must be a big problem. From the perspective of the skylight alone: it is necessary to consider the sunshade in advance when choosing low-e coated glass for the skylight.

4. Waterproof, waterproof is the most important indicator to test whether the skylight product is qualified. Long-term waterproofing requires good products and good installation. You can choose a skylight team in the local area. The best way is to inspect the projects they are doing on the spot, preferably on a rainy day:

5. After-sales: If there is no after-sales service, problems such as water leakage in the skylight or rotten wood will greatly affect the mood, so before handing over the money to the boss, negotiate the after-sales service to ensure your own rights and interests.