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How to install the bathroom window?


Today I will talk about the matters needing attention in the installation of bathroom doors and windows. It includes the following 4 parts:

The choice of window type and glass The influence of window sill width on future use The influence of ceiling height and ground level on the installation of doors and windows Selection of screen windows

01 What kind of bathroom window is more practical?

1. Sliding window is recommended for window type

Bathroom windows have the same functional requirements as those in kitchens, balconies and other places: high frequency of use, long opening time, and low requirements for sealing, waterproofing and sound insulation. Therefore, generally speaking, the recommended order for installing window types is sliding window > casement window.

However, when the window opening of the toilet at home is small (the opening is small, sliding windows cannot be used), or when the noise problem is emphasized (the toilet is close to the room, and there is noise), casement windows are more suitable.

2. The glass is recommended to be frosted glass

In addition to the basic functions, the windows of the bathroom also need to solve the three major concerns of blocking privacy, light transmission, and easy cleaning. Therefore, out of these three considerations, Baydee does not recommend the use of transparent glass + curtains for bathroom windows. In fact, a double-sided frosted or single-sided frosted insulating glass can solve all problems.

Tips: When buying frosted glass, pay attention: only buy double-sided frosted or single-sided frosted insulating glass with the frosted surface inside the hollow, do not buy single-layer frosted glass. (Reason: The heat insulation effect of insulating glass is better than that of single-layer glass, and the frosted surface will become transparent when it meets water. Frosting the inner surface of insulating glass can solve this problem)

02 The influence of window sill width on use

According to different window sill widths, different window installation positions can be selected. The window sill is wide enough, and the window should be installed as far outside as possible, so that toiletries can be placed on the window sill in the future; when the window sill is too narrow, the window should be installed protruding inward (flat with the wall brick).

1. Wide window sills

Generally, the width of the casement window frame is 5-7 cm, and the width of the sliding window frame is about 8 cm. Therefore, when the width of the bathroom window sill is about 28 cm, the window frame can be installed as far as possible without exceeding the drip line of the outer eaves. In this way, after check-in, the indoor window sill can have more space for paper towels, shower gel...

2. Narrow window sills

If the window sill in the bathroom is only 12 cm wide, then Baydee recommends that the window frame come in about 2 cm deeper than the wall during installation, so that when the wall tiles are pasted, the wall tiles are flush with the inner surface of the window frame, eliminating the trouble of turning and closing the tiles .

03 The influence of ceiling height and ground level on the installation of doors and windows

1. The highest point of the window should be lower than the height of the ceiling

If the bathroom opening is too high and the ceiling height is not considered when designing doors and windows, it is likely that the positional relationship between the window and the ceiling is difficult to coordinate (the ceiling covers the window or the ceiling is lower than the opening). In this case, the gap between the ceiling and the window frame may be left. There are sequelae such as seam infestation, poor installation of screen windows, and difficult maintenance.

The processing method here is:

When measuring doors and windows, determine the height of the ceiling, and then determine the size of the window. If the lowest point of the ceiling is lower than the opening, you can make a square tube on the top of the door and window to solve the problem of height difference.

2. The height of the horizon corresponds to the position of the window handle

Whether the handle position is appropriate or not determines the window opening experience to a certain extent. The handle position is not fixed. The correct handle position should be determined by the height of the owner who often opens the window at home:

When measuring the size of doors and windows, call the owner who often opens the window at home to simulate the daily window opening situation: stand at the window opening position, with the hand level slightly upward, and do several consecutive window opening positions;

At the same time, consider the configuration of the ground when decorating the home. For example: if you measure that the height of the comfortable handle is 1.5 m from the ground, this data should be the distance from the handle to the ground after the floor tiles in your bathroom are pasted.

Because when the size of the doors and windows is measured, the ground decoration has not yet been completed. Therefore, to calculate the operating height of the handle, the finished height of the ground must also be added, for example, the thickness of conventional floor tiles is 5 cm, and the thickness of floor heating is 8-10 cm.

04 screen window

Last but not least, screens. Like the kitchen, diamond mesh screens are recommended first. If they are dirty, they can be washed with water and a scrub brush. The key is that they will not rust.

Well, knowing these details and tips, there is basically no need to worry about using the doors and windows of the bathroom in the future!