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Can the doors and windows also be fully screened?


Baydee shared a door and window design trick today, and made some small contributions to the family who will be renovating and making doors and windows. This trick is called "full screen for doors and windows", and it has two ways to use it, namely "no corners for doors and windows" and "narrow borders for doors and windows".

01 What are doors and windows without corners

"It is not only the mobile phone screen that can have a full screen." Baydee has always felt that the doors and windows of home decoration need to be designed, and all doors and windows should not be made into an X (coded text). It should be known that in addition to fixed functions such as wind and rain protection, doors and windows should also have specific landscape viewing functions.

In your spare time, you can sit on the viewing platform that is extremely barrier-free, and watch the bustling carriages and horses on the bridge, the river rolling eastward, and the distant mountains remain the same.

When designing this corner, Baydee only took out a design comparison chart, and the customer directly decided on the "full screen without corner" solution.

The customer had just moved to a new house, and a snowstorm fell, and the doors and windows without corners instantly lit up the landscape outside the window, adding a bit of refinement to the original interior decoration style. The owner also specially sent me the photo, saying: Baydee, I love it so much! you! up! The scenery outside the window is beautiful~

02 "Door and window narrow frame" of the full screen of the door and window

In order to achieve a "full screen" in the door and window industry, in addition to no corners, "narrow bezels for doors and windows" is also a required course.

Narrow frame doors and windows are new products that have only appeared on the market in the past two years. Compared with mature aluminum alloy doors and windows, although their watertightness, airtightness, and wind pressure resistance have not passed the test of the market and time, they are widely used in construction. There are still relatively few examples of exterior doors and windows (that is, the doors and windows that may be blown down when a typhoon comes), but because of its extremely simple style, it has become a new "net celebrity" in the field of interior decoration.

The appearance of narrow-frame doors and windows has been enhanced, and Baydee also expects relevant factories to speed up the research and development progress of its safety and airtightness, and apply it to the doors and windows outside the building as soon as possible, so that the doors and windows can become the finishing touch of the building!

03 Make a summary

The article is not long, but these two designs can be said to be full of style and practicality. You only need to find a boss who has been in the business for a long time, show him the "full screen" pictures and tell him the needs, and your dream of staying in a resort hotel every day will naturally come true.

The article is not long, but it is enough to show that home improvement doors and windows need to be designed. On Zhihu, Baydee also answered the question "What decoration details can instantly improve the quality of the home", and also received such a comment: The ultimate beauty is the integration with nature.

I think so, the essence of any architecture lies in this.