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How to distinguish the quality of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows?


01 First look at the structure of products at the same price

The product structure of different door and window products is very different, so you have to ask the shopping guide first, which series of broken bridge aluminum products with a price of about 1200 / m are there? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these series? Why is this series better in sealing/insulation/sound insulation? and so on.

Here are also 5 simple and practical techniques for distinguishing between good and bad structures:

1. The first pit of the product - door and window series

When the merchant introduces the broken bridge window products to you, it is likely to say "the larger the series, the better the thermal insulation effect of the broken bridge aluminum window", but in fact "the bigger the series you buy, I may earn more money (relatively)".

At present, the product series of mainstream broken bridge aluminum manufacturers on the market include (60, 65, 70, 80, 130, etc.), and this type refers to the profile width (65 mm, 65 mm, 70 mm and so on). The increase in series numbers does not mean that the performance is improved, but only that the profile is wider, or the function is increased (for example, the sound insulation and heat insulation of the 130 series of window screens is not even as good as that of the 60 series of system windows.)

Therefore, we should choose the series according to our own needs and budget. Generally, the 60 series is sufficient.

2. The number of sealing channels of the product

There are often merchants who say: the more sealing channels, the better. Baydee believes that this is purely a gimmick, and generally just doing the outer, inner and middle seals is enough to have a good sealing effect. Sealing is about quality, not quantity.

Therefore, those merchants who explain to you the sealing principle of their broken bridge aluminum products are more reliable than those who simply use the quantity to fool people.

3. It is best to have a casement window - "isothermal layer"

The reason why the broken bridge aluminum is insulated from heat and heat depends on its unique heat insulation strips, thereby reducing the heat transfer between indoors and outdoors. Therefore, the more successful the "heat insulation strip part" is, the better the heat insulation performance of doors and windows will be.

As a consumer, if there are two casement window products with similar prices, the "isothermal layer—that is, the various heat insulation strips of the broken bridge casement window are exactly on the same straight line" can be used as the criterion for judging.

4. Penetration and pressing of rubber strips

Of course, if the broken bridge layers of the doors and windows you choose are in a straight line, or if you buy sliding windows, how can you distinguish between good and bad? See how the tape goes in.

Press-in adhesive strips can be "seamlessly" connected at the corners of the window (when turning) without violent cutoffs, thereby improving the overall sealing of doors and windows. It is also easier to replace in the future.

You can try to ask the door and window owner: Are your window strips pierced or pressed. It can also be observed on the sample corner: the notch of the penetrating adhesive strip is longer and shallower than that of the press-in adhesive strip; it can also be observed from the finished window, whether the adhesive strip at the corner of the window is cut off, or whether it is There are traces of glue sticking.

5. Determine whether there is a drainage channel

The quality of windows can usually be ranked as follows: no drainage channel (poor quality doors and windows) < simple cut drainage channel (that is, a cut on the surface) < special drainage outlet (to ensure the smooth drainage of rainwater outside) < more well-designed drainage hole (you It can be seen that it is different from other products or the boss can tell you about the drain hole: there is a matching drain hole cover, which does not damage the sealing of doors and windows, etc.)

02 Compare the quality of the main and auxiliary materials of the product

After you have selected two products with similar structures at the same price, we need to compare the profile, glass, hardware and sealing materials of the broken bridge aluminum window:

1. Profile

(1) Profile brand:

Profiles, as the main material of doors and windows, undertake the most important role of fixing to the wall, which determines the service life of doors and windows. Whether it is good or bad is of course very important.

There are also many ways to distinguish the quality of the profile on the Internet, such as studying the smoothness, gloss, and burr of the profile. This makes Baydee feel ashamed (as an industry practitioner who has been in the industry for seven years, I can only distinguish the difference between excellent and extremely bad with the naked eye.)

True or false, the quality is checked by relevant departments. Instead of spending a lot of time learning and humiliating Baydee, it is better to get to know the domestic high-quality aluminum profile factories: Fenglu, Zhongwang, Zhongya, Nanya, Chinalco, Xingfa, Jianmei, Nanshan, etc. Then ask the boss what aluminum material to use, and then ask to visit the factory building to see if it is true and how the reserves are.

(2) Profile wall thickness:

This is a good inspection point. The current national standard is that the wall thickness of profiles shall not be less than 1.4 mm. Shanghai, which has a relatively leading policy, has implemented the "Technical Regulations for the Application of External Windows of Civil Buildings" at the end of 2017, which stipulates that the wall thickness shall not be less than 1.8 mm.

Therefore, when you ask the boss what is the answer to the wall thickness of the profile, 1.4 mm ≤ the standard answer, 1.4 mm ≤ the favorite answer ≤ 1.8 mm, and the perfect answer ≥ 1.8 mm.

The wall thickness of profiles is the "lifeline" of the product. If you are buying a product from an unfamiliar vendor, or if you are particularly worried about the quality of the product you are buying, you must carefully measure the wall thickness of the finished door and window. Unscrupulous merchants who cut corners and materials are unacceptable.

2. Glass

(1) A "scam" about glass products:

When purchasing door and window products, glass, hardware, etc. are the types that you can choose. When choosing a door and window merchant, it should be noted that glass also has a routine like "broken bridge aluminum". Merchants will fool you and say: The glass of our products are all big brands, and they are from CSG! (or NorthGlass, Xinyi, etc.)

At this time, you should be more vigilant, don't be fooled by the brand of the original glass factory, but should ask the merchant: where is the glass processed? Because, it is not the original film manufacturer that determines the reliability of your glass quality, but the enterprise level and processing capacity of the glass deep-processing enterprise.

The glass manufacturers (street shops) with the most worrying quality buy tempered single-layer glass sheets from tempered glass factories, and fiddle with gluing and gluing by themselves; Purchase; if the glass buyer mentioned by the merchant is relatively well-known in the local area, or has the ability to own a tempered glass production line, then you can be relatively assured.

(2) 3C mark of glass

When choosing glass, in addition to not being fooled by the "original film manufacturer" of the merchant, there is another very important principle: choose hollow tempered glass products with a glass thickness of 5 mm and above, and ensure that the glass you buy has 3C on it. sign.

The 3C mark guarantees product safety, and tempered glass products guarantee safe use.

3. Hardware and sealing accessories

(1) Pros and cons of hardware:

Just like judging the authenticity of profiles, Baydee also does not recommend that you learn how to judge the authenticity of hardware in depth: no matter how well you study, it will be difficult for you to judge the difference between high imitation and genuine products, no use! Unless you want to crush Baydee's intelligence; if you don't study well, you still have to choose hardware according to the method Baydee taught you, which will add to the trouble that your intelligence is lower than Baydee's.

To judge the quality of hardware, Baydee recommends you 3 points:

1) Hardware with multiple locking points is better than hardware with single locking points. The sliding stays for window openings must be made of 304 stainless steel. 2) Look at the brand. There are many hardware manufacturers, but good hardware must come from these well-known brands: international brands such as Noto, HOPPE, Gewu, and Sigiriya, as well as domestic brands such as HOPO, Lixing, Jianlang, Hehe, Chunguang, and Guoqiang. brand. 3) The most important way to judge is to go to the customer's home that the boss has completed to experience: whether the rotating handle is smooth (too loose or too tight is not good), whether the opening and closing of the window is labor-saving (whether there is any abnormal noise), whether the After the windows are locked, whether they are closed tightly enough, check whether there is any rust on the hardware, scratches on the handle, etc.

(2) Advantages and disadvantages of sealing materials:

Rubber strips and wool strips are two kinds of sealing materials that affect the sealing of doors and windows. Inferior rubber strips can only guarantee the sealing of doors and windows for a short time. The service life of qualified door and window rubber strips can reach more than ten years, and wool strips can reach 5-8 years. To judge whether it's good or bad, Baydee recommends:

1) Ask the merchant, which brand is the rubber strip for the door and window? How much is a kilogram of EPDM strips (or better quality silicone rubber, etc.), and what brand is the top? Has it been siliconized? (or a better clip top than it, etc.) 2) It is also recommended that you go to the completed home of the door and window manufacturer to experience the actual operation: whether the rubber strip has shrunk, hardened, aged, fallen off, and has no elasticity; whether the top absorbs water , has shed hair;

4. Others

Of course, there are many other small details, such as asking the boss: Is there a special glass spacer; door and window anti-collision block; windproof block; lifting block; edge cover...

03 Final comparison of production management

Production management, like the supply chain and structural status, is one of the three factors that determine the quality of a product, and even Baydee believes it is the most critical link. CNC equipment with higher precision and intelligence + experienced workers + management system with clear rewards and punishments can be said to determine the quality of product craftsmanship.

Therefore, for some consumers who are as careful as dust and cannot make up their minds to buy products, it may also be necessary to investigate the production management of door and window manufacturers.