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When do the doors and windows need to be replaced? The cost-effective plan is here


Doors and windows are as important to a home as hydropower projects in decoration. It can be used as the finishing touch (bay windows, floor-to-ceiling windows), improve the overall living experience (sound insulation, ensure indoor temperature balance, reduce or eliminate miscellaneous problems;) improve safety (stable structure and lifespan, anti-theft).

However, when it is decorated, it can neither have a full sense of presence like hard decoration projects such as water and electricity, ceramic tiles, floors, and wallpapers, nor can it compete with eye-catching and eye-catching soft decorations such as furniture, lighting, and decorative paintings. And as a customized product in decoration, the price is relatively high.

This has caused many homeowners to wonder whether or not to replace the doors and windows at home when they are decorating. Often wasted money.

In this article, Baydee will share some knowledge about door and window replacement and cost-effective replacement solutions.

01 How to replace doors and windows, the most practical and cost-effective

Doors and windows are customized products in decoration, and their performance and quality differences are obviously reflected in the price (refer to <600, 600-800, 800-1000, 1000-1500, >1500+ products on the market).

Since the development of the door and window market is not sound enough (that is, the price is inflated and there are many places to deceive people), a large number of decoration owners who use it for self-occupation are very at a loss after going through the door and window market seriously, and have no idea what price of doors and windows is suitable for them. .

If you buy a little more expensive, it will greatly exceed your budget; if you buy a lower price, you really feel that the doors and windows are not worth the price.

Therefore, Baydee suggested: From the perspective of practicality and cost performance, decoration owners can choose door and window products with different performances that can meet the needs of different rooms according to "their actual needs" and "the performance of the original doors and windows of the house".

For example: Program Yuanxiao Q bought a second-hand house near the company in the west of the city after 7 years of hard work in Hangzhou. The house was originally renovated 8 years ago. The original windows were relatively old but still usable.
She put forward three requirements to the door and window company. One is that the house faces the street, which requires sound insulation, and she is sensitive to sound;
Then, Program Yuanxiao Q found a suitable merchant through her persistent pursuit and keen sense. The solution given to her by the merchant is: the two bedrooms and the living room adopt 60 series system windows with good airtight performance, and the glass is added to laminated insulating glass to meet the needs of sound insulation and heat insulation;
The washing balcony uses relatively cheap non-broken bridge aluminum sliding windows; other rooms, such as the kitchen and bathroom, do not need particularly good airtightness because of the long-term opening of windows for ventilation, so the original doors and windows of the house are retained.

This is what Baydee said. Before the renovation, the owner should know and clarify their needs, understand which functions of the doors and windows are related to the needs, and then evaluate the performance and quality of the original doors and windows of the house, and then decide whether to change the windows and how to change them.

The so-called door and window functionality, in addition to the overall safety and stability (that is, the reliable life of doors and windows can be long or short), anti-theft, and aesthetics (different appearances of doors and windows and related design factors),

That is, the doors and windows of the bedroom, study room, and living room have a greater demand for sound insulation, and the sunshine room has a greater demand for heat insulation, etc. The performance is determined by the product quality. Knowing it can be more helpful to help owners differentiate door and window products.

Next, Baydee gave some specific suggestions for the old community, new community, sunshine room, etc.:

02 A slightly older old community

The characteristics of this type of doors and windows are: "sliding windows, single-layer glass, and leather strips have aged and fallen off, the first generation of aluminum alloys, sliding windows are difficult to seal, and are in disrepair" (mainly in the south), Baydee's suggestion is all House replacement windows and doors.

1. Scenes such as bedrooms, study rooms, and living rooms (with air conditioning and heating, long-term use and silence requirements):

Choose heat-insulating profiles + insulating glass and doors and windows configured above. Taking broken bridge aluminum as an example, you can generally choose the common configuration of 60 series casement windows + (5+12A+5) insulating glass.

If the house is facing the street or people who are sensitive to sound, consider opening windows with better airtightness + laminated insulating glass; if there is no eaves outside the window, you can consider opening and turning windows; when the first and second floors are low floors, pay attention to anti-theft requirements (King Kong mesh screens, screen integrated)

In terms of installation, special attention should be paid to waterproofing, sufficient sealant, and the slope of the outer window sill must be prepared. Under the premise of not affecting the waterproof, the doors and windows can be installed as close as possible to the exterior, so that the indoor window sill can be slightly larger.

In terms of design, visit more merchants, and reject all mindless merchants with the same door and window formats. Small houses in old communities can also be small and beautiful.

2. Scenarios such as kitchens and bathrooms (without air conditioning and heating, and the use time is relatively short):

These scenes do not have high requirements for sound insulation and sealing, and generally only need to be watertight in rainy days. Therefore, doors and windows with lower configuration can be selected appropriately.

At the same time, for ease of use, it is recommended to use a sliding window type; the glass of the bathroom can be frosted glass or built-in louver glass, which is convenient for privacy and maintenance; the screen window can be diamond mesh screen window, which is easy to maintain.

In terms of installation, on the premise of not affecting the waterproof, the doors and windows can be installed as close as possible to increase the area of the window sill.

In terms of design, if the area of the bathroom or kitchen is small, and the property supervision of the community is not strict, you can learn about the black technology of self-made window sills, that is, to build a galvanized steel load-bearing shelf outside, and install the doors and windows on the window sill, which can save a lot Location.

3. Terrace renovation scene:

If the terrace is only used for washing and drying, and there is a partition, choose the same as the kitchen. If it is used as a living space, special attention needs to be paid to insulation and safety.

In terms of thermal insulation, thermal insulation profiles, low-e glass, and sunshade products are the best choices. In terms of safety, in addition to the laminated glass and the thickness of the series of raised windows that are necessary for the sun roof, you can also pay attention to the door and window merchants with "reinforced middle mullion".

Waterproofing is an extremely critical point in the renovation of the terrace. Many water leaks will only appear after a period of time after occupancy. Therefore, it is necessary to ask the merchant to guarantee the maintenance of the problem.

Condensation water on doors and windows will break out on many terraces in winter, which is generally only experienced by owners with life experience. If you pay attention to this problem, you must work hard on door and window products and installation.

03 times new community

1. Identify the quality of the existing doors and windows, and in which cases it is recommended to replace them

The doors and windows of this type of community are not very long, and some can retain certain functions. Therefore, before deciding whether to replace, we can first identify the quality of the existing doors and windows:

Look at the window type. There are generally two types of window types: sliding windows (moving windows) and flat windows (opening or opening). If it is a casement type, continue to look down. If it is a sliding door and window (except for those imported brand sliding doors and windows), start replacing it immediately. Right~ Because the common sliding windows are not good at sealing performance, it is easy to leak air and sound.
Second, look at the glass. Glass is generally divided into single-layer glass and insulating glass. If it is a casement window + insulating glass, then continue to look down. If it is single-layer glass (heat insulation and sound insulation performance is not good), Ma Liu is ready to replace it.
Three look at the tightness. After closing the doors and windows tightly, press the four corners of the outward-opening sash with your hands. If there is no obvious back and forth shaking, then continue to look down. If there is back and forth shaking like an unclosed car door, there is an air leakage seam, which needs to be adjusted or replaced. .
Fourth, look at the traces of water leakage. If everything from 1 to 3 is OK, but you find that the inner wall around the window has faint peeling and mildew, it is recommended to find someone to repair it. If the repair is not good, find a professional door and window owner to propose a solution to water seepage by replacing the door and window.

After verification, combined with the wishes of the personal wallet to decide whether to replace the doors and windows.

2. When there are no major problems with the doors and windows of the house, and the owner has higher requirements for the beauty or performance of the doors and windows, Baydee recommends the following:

If there is a need to replace floor-to-ceiling windows at home, it is recommended to walk around the community more to find atmospheric and beautiful cases.

04 In a new community, there are generally only two situations in which to change doors and windows

In the real estate projects delivered in recent years (not in 4th and 5th tier cities), developers also pay attention to the performance of doors and windows, so the performance and quality of most doors and windows are guaranteed, and can basically meet the basic needs of owners.

Therefore, generally only two cases involving the replacement of doors and windows are involved in the transformation of balconies and terraces and when personal wishes are extremely strong.

1. Including balcony and terrace renovation

Except for most central heating communities in the north and some developers and properties that have strict requirements on external walls (a certain city and a certain river in Hangzhou) are not allowed to close balconies, most of the rest of the new communities can close their balconies and use them as washing balconies Or relax on the balcony.

In this way, it is necessary to choose doors and windows with appropriate functions according to the needs of the balcony after renovation.

There are two types of balcony renovation. One is to change it into a balcony for washing and drying (and it is separated from the room). In this case, the door and window products do not need to be used too well, just pay attention to the installation. The second is to change it to a living balcony. High-quality living balconies involve stability, safety, and thermal insulation. It is best to find a local business that has installation and design experience and can provide heat insulation solutions for this kind of transformation.

2. Personal wishes

The developer’s doors and windows can guarantee the basic needs. When the owner pursues the beauty of the building’s appearance, the safety of ten years, the constant temperature of the room, the minimization of noise, and the maximum degree of freedom from maintenance, water leakage, cleaning and other troubles, he can also go to Find a higher-quality home improvement door and window store to discuss.