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If you want to install good windows in your home, you must have products, installation, and design.


This article will talk about how to accurately purchase products and improve the cost performance of door and window products with such obvious price differences.

Home improvement doors and windows are very similar to decoration. They are composed of design, product and construction. These three parts determine whether the experience after installing the doors and windows is good or bad. Their cost determines how much the door and window merchants sell. They make the price difference of doors and windows become Big (store rent and the like are temporarily not included, and those that are purely flickering are not included).

Therefore, when consumers purchase doors and windows, especially those with high cost performance, they need to accurately sort out their product needs, understanding of installation, and rationality of design, so that they can accurately purchase products and improve the cost performance of purchases.

01 The difference on the product side determines the lower limit of the price of doors and windows

The price difference on the product side will not be expanded here in detail, but only three key words will be summarized: door and window structure, door and window material supply chain, and production process. These three factors that determine product quality determine the lower limit of a door and window product price.

1. Door and window structure: The cost of door and window structure is mainly reflected in the design and development costs and the cost of structural materials.

Only a reasonable structure can make the doors and windows play their best functions. It is purely a selling point of merchants to increase the cost and selling price under the guise of increasing the series and the number of sealed channels.

Consumers can pay attention here when purchasing (1) Do not buy series that exceed demand; (2) Do not buy fancy super-multi-sealing structures; (3) Design a reasonable isothermal layer; (4) Do not buy penetrating The structure of the rubber strip; (5) There are reasonable drainage channels. To improve the cost performance of doors and windows.

2. Door and window material supply chain: The cost difference in the supply chain is mainly reflected in the sources of door and window profiles, glass, hardware, sealing materials, and auxiliary materials.

The source of the door and window supply chain is the main way for consumers to understand the cost of door and window products:

The sources of profile materials are domestic first-tier, domestic second-tier, miscellaneous brands or fake and inferior products; the sources of hardware, sealing materials, and auxiliary materials are international first-tier, domestic first-tier, domestic second-tier, miscellaneous brands or fake and inferior products; the glass processing enterprises are major building curtain wall factories and nearby professional deep processing factories , small workshops or in-store co-productions. These five costs vary considerably.

3. Production process: its cost difference is mainly reflected in the advantages and disadvantages of equipment + worker experience and level + management system.

In addition to inquiring about the scale and reputation of the door and window processing factory, it is difficult for inexperienced consumers to see the cost difference brought about by the production process from the finished door and window products, but it does exist and determines the processing accuracy of the product to a certain extent. , workmanship quality and reliability.

As a consumer, focus on inspecting the product's door and window structure, door and window material supply chain, and production process, so that you can basically screen out your own demand products from the perspective of cost performance.

For example, if I expect to buy an "entry-level system window" at the level of 1,000 yuan, then first of all, the structure must be excellent (no faults can be identified), and the supply chain should be sufficient to widen the gap with the doors and windows of the first price (profiles, hardware, sealing materials) , auxiliary materials should be domestic first-line and above, and glass deep-processing manufacturers are reliable), and the production process has certain bright spots.

What I expect to buy is a "high-quality broken bridge aluminum window" of seven to eight hundred and one square meters, so the structure should be above the average level (it seems or the merchants talk about it as a selling point, and there are no major shortcomings). The source of the supply chain It can be checked (profiles, hardware, sealing materials, and auxiliary materials come from the first and second lines in China, and the glass deep processing factory should not be a small workshop with only a few workers).

Of course, this is the first step, and the screened products still have "moisture". Energetic consumers can further examine the cost performance of door and window products from the installation side and design side:

02 Two cost differences on the installation side

Baydee will remind every time that the installation of doors and windows is the same as decoration projects such as water and electricity, tiling, woodworking and cabinet making. The quality of the installation determines whether the user experience can meet expectations and whether there is a long-lasting and good experience.

As far as the door and window products that most consumers can buy at present, there are two cost differences in the installation cost: first, when the door and window products are relatively cheap, unscrupulous merchants will want to save money from labor costs, glue screws and other material costs ;

Second, when buying high-priced doors and windows in shopping malls, unscrupulous merchants may also lack supervision because they do not know how to install them, and fail to train installers and standardize the installation, which makes workers operate willfully. This reduces management and labor costs, and it is also prone to the first type of cost-saving problems.

1. Save labor cost and material cost

The installation cost consists of three parts: labor cost of workers, material cost (installation materials such as screws, sealant, etc.), and transportation cost. Black merchants buy materials with poorer performance, and there will be no safety hazards; "crazy" merchants simply save as much as possible:

(1) Good workers are always expensive. In order to save labor costs, the boss hires door and window masters who do not pursue details and are not very skilled in work, just to save dozens of labor costs per square meter.

(2) Screws should be "saved". Nylon expansion screws that cost a few cents a piece are not willing to make a few more, and even replaced with plastic expansion sleeves that cost ten yuan and a thousand pieces)

(3) The glue needs to be "saving". He chose the lowest grade of brand glue, which is not bad, at least the quality of the brand is guaranteed, nothing more than the difference in weather resistance and adhesion. Those who are more serious don’t choose branded glue, use whatever is cheap, and dare to use glue that costs 8 yuan a piece; even where it needs to be full, he puts a strip of double-sided tape inside, so he uses less glue~

There are a large number of merchants who want to earn some installation fees to control costs because of low-priced sales. Consumers need to do more homework, ask and see clearly, so as to avoid it as much as possible.

2. Investment in provincial supervision and installation specifications

Home decoration doors and windows are the same as home decoration. As the market matures year by year, the original set of criteria for judging the experience of decorators can no longer keep up with the needs of the times. Standardization has gradually become one of the criteria for judging whether businesses are regulated or not by the post-80s and 90s. .

For example, the installation level, verticality, and in-and-out volume of the door and window frames, the smoothness of the door and window opening, the scratch specifications on the surface of the doors and windows, the sealing and waterproof specifications, the installation of accessories, and whether the cleaning of the floor and walls is in place. Standardization of installation, which is popular in the market, has gradually become popular.

At this time, there is a phenomenon that merchants say one thing and do another, because "training the installer to install according to the standard and supervising the standardization of the actual installation process of the master" is an invisible big cost, and this part of the cost will be some home improvement for the purpose of making money Door and window companies will basically not invest.

Consumers should know here: the price of door and window products must not only match product performance, but also match installation capabilities; listen less to door and window merchants bragging in the store, and go to the installation site to see more.

The installation of door and window products with the same cost performance is king. The two products are similar in structure and workmanship. When the quotation is not very different, only choose the one that is more reliable for installation.

03 Neglected Design Costs

Home improvement doors and windows is also a building materials industry that especially needs design experience and design talents. For the boss who has just entered the industry as a home decoration door and window, every user is a guinea pig to him. The process of accumulating experience will inevitably lead to an increase in order service costs and a discount on user experience, which in turn reduces the cost performance of the entire solution.

1. The cost of door and window design can be roughly divided into two categories. One category is the experience cost accumulated through trial and error, such as:

Door and window handle height: This is not fixed, it needs to be determined in combination with the ground type of the home, the height of the owner and the layout of the window.

Window opening position: Combined with the room furniture, users can choose whether to open the window on the left or the right, how many to open, etc.; window type selection: combined with user needs, use functions and whether there is a shelter (curtain box), etc., choose push-pull, Flat open, inward open and invert, etc.;

Consideration of door and window glass: whether it is possible to replace the bathroom glass with frosted or built-in louvers, whether to make low-e glass for long-term sunlight exposure, and the choice of glass light transmittance, ventilation ducts outside the kitchen, etc.;

Heat insulation, sound insulation and other design: the corresponding heat insulation scheme of sun room, bedroom and living room; the corresponding sound insulation scheme of room floor height, adjacent road and elevated railway; glass thickness and whole window strength, etc.

The accumulation of these experiences requires cost (trial and error). Experienced designs will definitely bring safe, beautiful and practical solutions, and will certainly enhance your living experience.

If a boss has been in the industry for more than 3 years and still does not have the ability to output the overall solution for doors and windows according to the needs of users, he will still recommend broken bridge aluminum and 108 series window screen integrated windows indiscriminately, and he still does not know what kind of structural seal is better for sound insulation Even better, then you don't waste time and money, cooperating with this kind of boss who only installs windows but does not provide services and does not improve experience. (except for very low demand for doors and windows)

2. The second category is the labor cost of hiring professional designers

Experienced and reliable designers can save money for customers. This is not only applicable to home decoration but also to doors and windows. He has been in the industry for many years and has made countless mistakes. The door and window designer who accumulates 99% of home decoration needs, his labor cost is also a part of the store owner's investment. .

A professional home improvement door and window designer can do:

Provide a preview of the plan and a reference selection of multiple designs: a lot of communication costs and later labor costs are required here; high-rise floor-to-ceiling windows, courtyard doors, and skylights: related to safety, aesthetics and practicality.

Complicated indoor scenes: For example, the water pipes in some old residential areas are too low, causing the ceiling and windows to overlap.

Complex sun room and terrace renovation: The current design is in place (materials and installation are also very important), which can make the heat insulation performance of the sun room close to the wall.

Time-consuming and labor-intensive small-sized apartment windowsill extension and corner design: a design that is practical and aesthetically oriented from the perspective of consumers; etc...

Many door and window installation bosses are unable to do all of the above due to lack of strength, lack of talent incentives, lack of experience in the industry, etc. In essence, you spent money and did not enjoy professional services, which makes your final plan more cost-effective. discounted.

Therefore, when you inspect two identical products with the same installation and management, it is reasonable and reasonable that the prices of merchants with rich design experience and rich product solutions are slightly higher, that is, spending money to buy professionalism and reliability ~