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Aluminum alloy or broken bridge aluminum?


Aluminum alloy or broken bridge aluminum? Which one is better?

Friends who are going to seal the balcony at home, do you choose aluminum alloy windows or broken bridge aluminum windows? I believe there are many people who are confused and don't know how to choose, then let Baydee uPVC Profile tell you.

Comparison of aluminum alloy and broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

Aluminum alloy:

Material: The aluminum alloy material is metal. The heat transfer ability of the metal is strong, but the heat insulation ability is not good. Now that it has entered the summer, the heat from the outside will be easily transferred to the house. The color of aluminum alloy is single, suitable for friends who like simplicity.

In addition, there are also plastic-steel windows that some people may mention, which are made of PVC and have better thermal insulation.

Price: According to the different manufacturers and profiles, the general price of aluminum alloy windows is about 300 yuan, and the cheaper ones are about 150 yuan.

Service life: Aluminum alloy has good hardness and density, good weather resistance and anti-aging ability.

Bridge aluminum:

Material: Broken bridge aluminum is a good aluminum alloy door and window. The use of thermal insulation aluminum alloy profiles has better thermal insulation ability.

There are various colors of broken bridge aluminum, among which, the broken bridge aluminum with wood grain pattern looks better.

Price: Generally, the price of broken bridge aluminum is between 600-4000 yuan per square meter, which is much higher than that of aluminum alloy.

Service life: The service life of broken bridge aluminum windows is generally 50 years, the color will not fade for 20 years, and it is durable.

In addition, the waterproof function of broken bridge aluminum is very good, which is a good choice for the rainy southern area; the wind resistance is also good, and it is an ideal choice for high-rise residential families.

Comprehensive recommendations:

If there is no partition between your balcony and the living room, it is recommended to use broken bridge aluminum, which can play a good role in thermal insulation; if there is a partition, ordinary aluminum alloy is good, and it saves money.

Although the average price of aluminum for broken bridges is a bit expensive, you can also choose some cheap series of products, which are not much more expensive and have a long service life.

For high-rise residential buildings or in rainy places in the south, it is recommended to choose broken bridge aluminum, which has good wind and rain resistance.

In fact, as long as you know more about the relevant door and window information before purchasing, you will not take a detour. Through the brief introduction of the Baydee uPVC Profile, I believe you have understood it, and we will continue to share the knowledge of doors and windows.