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Identify the design and installation experience of the owner of the broken bridge door and window


01 Ask about the workmanship of doors and windows - equipment, quality control

For the workmanship of doors and windows, it is necessary to examine the comprehensive capabilities of a door and window factory in three aspects: processing machines, workers' experience, and management systems. Baydee simplifies them into inspecting the "equipment" and "quality control" of a door and window factory.

Don't underestimate the workmanship of doors and windows. If the structure and supply chain of a specific door and window product are the upper limit of the performance of this door and window in theory, then the workmanship of doors and windows guarantees its lower limit of performance. Next, take "making a window frame" (cutting, milling holes, grouping corners) as an example:

1. "Equipment"

According to the level of production equipment, it can be roughly divided into four types of factories. ① "Street shop", at most there is only one cutting machine, cutting stainless steel pipes for anti-theft windows, cutting aluminum alloy square pipes, crimping lines, etc., and selling aluminum materials Buy semi-finished products from the factory and assemble them at home. They are all handmade and the fineness is not high;

②"Door and window factories mainly engaged in local business" This type of factory does not need to deliver goods to foreign distributors, so the requirements for details are not too high. Cheap or second-hand domestic equipment is the first choice for this type of factory. But it must be equipped with a full set of equipment, except for the double-headed saw that may be numerically controlled, the rest may be manual, relying on a tape measure for positioning and manual feeding, and the error is obviously disturbed by human factors;

③ "Door and window factories as dealers" need to send finished products to foreign door and window dealers. If the production details are not up to standard, the dealers will vote with their feet not to cooperate with the factory, so they will pay attention to higher product details. Will spend money to buy domestically produced equipment with higher precision or foreign equipment (the value of a double-headed saw is equal to the full set of equipment in the second type of factory), the double-headed saw must be CNC, and the drilling and milling equipment will also have CNC , the error caused by the equipment basically meets the specification requirements;

④ "Head window factory", there are only a few in China at present, and imported production lines with a level of tens of millions have been introduced to realize the aluminum alloy profiles placed in the 6-meter factory at one end, and the ones coming out of the other end are cut, drilled and milled according to the input order information A good piece of material, just take it out and assemble it directly. The error is extremely small.

Production equipment is a kind of hard power of door and window enterprises. If it is reflected in the production of window frames, the most obvious thing is how many seams (visible seams) it has, such as the splicing position of the profiles, the position of the crimping line, and the position of the keyhole. These visible seams will There are effects on light, air leakage, operational flexibility (milling holes), and appearance.

The performance and price of these 4 types of equipment are also reflected in the performance and price of doors and windows. Baydee does not recommend buying manufacturers with ① workmanship; the performance requirements for doors and windows are not high. A laundry balcony can be found from manufacturers in category ②; those with specific requirements for heat insulation and sound insulation of doors and windows should be found in manufacturers in categories ③ and ④.

To judge the production equipment of the manufacturer, two questions are required: (1) Boss, which factory made the doors and windows, what is the specific scale, how many workers are there, and do you have photos of the factory? (2) How to ensure the machining accuracy? What machine is used to cut the profile? What machine do you use to mill the keyhole? What machine are you using to mill the stiles?

Remember a key point, the more numerical control equipment a manufacturer has, the greater its strength is, and the products will be less likely to be shoddy.

2. "Quality Control"

If equipment is the hard power of the factory, then quality control is the soft power of the factory. Quality control refers to a series of production standards (accuracy control, assembly detail requirements, etc.) formulated by the factory for each series of doors and windows produced by the factory based on years of experience and relevant standards + worker management system formulated according to production standards + according to production standards And the acceptance system formulated by the management system, etc.

When we compare ② and ③ factories, we need to fully understand the quality control capabilities of this factory. Because the hardware in different factories may be exactly the same (it’s just purchasing equipment), but the quality control of different factories must be different, and the products that consumers buy, the product problems that existed when they leave the factory are definitely quality control problems.

How to compare, the best way is for consumers to go to the factory to visit the factory. The next best thing is to ask the merchant: (1) Boss, are there any workers who screw, cut profiles, mill keyholes, apply end glue, I need a few videos about group corners, glue injection, etc.

(2) Do you have any pictures of the windows that have been made in the factory, please send me some details? Where is the construction site being installed nearby, take me to see it?

Good attitude, the boss who works hard is really not afraid to show you, and don’t worry about the doors and windows to be made at home. You may be disgusted by the boss. At worst, just tell the boss, "Tell me two or three construction sites that are being worked on, and I will go and see them myself. It’s okay to see.” If you refuse all these, you are afraid of being “compared” by your peers.

The above is the selection factors of door and window products summarized by Baydee. After finding a product with a structure that suits the needs of the family, compare the supply chain and workmanship. Through these three layers of screening, you can basically select one or two suitable products.

But it's not over yet, because when one or two merchants come to your home for measurement and quotation. There may be a big difference between the two quotations. Don’t rush to choose the one with the lower price. You also need to ask the merchant about the “details” of the design and installation.

02 Design and installation - Improper guinea pigs

1. Design side

Although the design of doors and windows is small, there is a little bit of attention, because the design will directly affect the safety, practicality and appearance of doors and windows in the future. Here are 4 examples:

① The type of outward-opening window is not suitable for all families. Some bosses in southern regions do not fully understand the needs of users, so they directly recommend outward-opening windows. But it is not the case. For example, the outer eaves of the house are not wide enough, and it is a rainy climate. At the same time, you like to open the windows for a long time for ventilation, so the outward-opening windows are not suitable for the needs of the home. Because when the window is opened on a rainy day, the rainwater is easy to drip onto the window sash, and then splash into the room.

To choose a suitable window type, you need to fully understand: living habits + environment inside the window (home decoration layout such as suspended ceiling, heating and cooling design such as floor heating) + environment outside the window (noise, wind and rain, eaves, etc.).

Therefore, if any of these 4 conditions are met, it is necessary to carefully consider whether to make outward-opening windows: 1. The outer eaves are less than 10cm; 2. There is fresh air at home or the living habits do not open windows; 3. The local climate is acceptable. Open the windows for ventilation but it often rains; 4. It is inconvenient to walk to the window with the bay window sill.

② Some door and window owners who lack details don’t pay attention to the height of the window sill, and directly design the handle in the center. After installation, you find that you have to move a stool and stand on tiptoe to open and close the window. The height of the handle is only a small detail of the practicality of doors and windows, but the height of the window sill, the height of the window operator, and the direction of hand should also be fully considered.

③ For the safety of doors and windows, the distance between the stiles in the scheme is too low from the ground, which will indeed cause "improper" operation experience. It is generally recommended that the height of the stiles be around 1 m.

④ Complicated indoor scenes: For example, the water pipes in some old residential areas are too low, causing the ceiling and windows to overlap.

There are also high-demand sound insulation and heat insulation for doors and windows... Thinking about these designs carefully, it is not complicated. The main requirement is that the merchants must have experience and patience. So you can ask the merchants like this: (1) Boss/designer, how many years have you been working? How many times do you measure? How many customers does your company want to make in a year? Situation like ours / Has it been installed near our community, and how many times have you done it? Can you take me to see it?

(2) In terms of sound insulation/heat insulation/waterproof/safety/aesthetics, what should I pay attention to? Do you have similar case photos and configuration instructions? (3) Why do we need to add square tubes here? What is the error between order size and installation? Can you guarantee that the size on the drawing is accurate?

Remember, the cost of trial and error of doors and windows is too high. Only look for experienced door and window owners. Don’t choose those who are new to the industry and rough, even if the product price is low. If you solve problems later, you will collapse and reduce the overall cost. cost-effectiveness of the program.

2. Installation side

The installation side affects the appearance and performance of doors and windows. Good products need good installation to play their due performance. In terms of aesthetics, if the sealant is crooked, the screws are not sinking holes, and the door and window frames are not aligned horizontally; in terms of performance, if the foaming agent is not filled enough, the excess will affect the heat preservation and sound insulation; the screws should be of inferior quality, and less beating. , or hitting on the heat insulation strip will affect safety and heat insulation; use inferior sealant, less hitting, short life and easy to crack and seep water. These are all manifestations of poor installation.

However, there are three requirements for the installation of a good business. Good materials are used for you, the installation master is experienced, and the installation is supervised. Use domestic first-line brands for sealant, no inferior glue; foaming agent with A 1 fire protection grade; exposed screws with stainless steel, and expansion screws with nylon; the installer should not be an apprentice, it is best to do high-demand orders for a long time and have "Master" with more than 3 years of experience; those who can have regular supervision and acceptance specifications, let you check and accept with the acceptance sheet.

It will cost money to do these 3 points well, but these are difficult to reflect in the merchant's quotation, so you have to confirm these issues before deciding which one to buy: (1) Boss, your screws/expansion screws/sealing What are the materials and brands of glue/foaming agent and other installation materials? Do you have a picture, show me? (2) Boss, how is your experience in waterproofing exterior window sills/sunrooms? How to operate a flat/narrow/sun room so complicated like our outer window sill?

(3) Boss, what is the experience of your installation workers? Are they all fixed or outsourced? How many orders are made in a year? How about the installation ability? (4) Have any installation specifications been complied with/trained? Does the glass mount have glass spacers? Is there a requirement for the spacing of the screw holes? How is the hardware opening and closing qualified? Can you take me to the installation site to have a look? (5) Is there any basis for acceptance? What (6) What should I do if there is a problem with the installation? What about after-sales problems?

Novices in door and window decoration must remember to choose installation materials that are guaranteed and relatively implement installation specifications and acceptance specifications.

Well, let’s make a summary. Baydee often tells customers that “door and window products, installation, and design” are the safest only when they are in a tripartite relationship. This may be self-boasting. However, in the past year, Baydee has also received hundreds of "friends" who complained about the poor installation of doors and windows at home. Their problems basically appeared in the design and installation of the scheme.

Baydee hopes that every decoration novice who is buying doors and windows will understand that when choosing doors and windows with performance requirements, while paying attention to the structure, supply chain and workmanship of the selected product, the design and installation inspection of door and window merchants should not be ignored.