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What kind of home improvement door and window merchants are worth buying?


01 Good people, good life, good service

Baydee thought about it, and decided to use the following three things: "good people, good life, and good service" to measure the reliability of a door and window business. Let's first look at Baydee's definition of them:

1. Good people

It is about a door and window business, no matter what price it sells, what marketing strategy it uses to attract consumers, and how much money it makes, it can keep three bottom lines: the bottom line of safety, which can guarantee the safety of users after the product is installed in the customer's home. For example: the screws of doors, windows, window frames, sliding braces and other places are less likely to be leaked, no laminated glass is used on the sun roof, and the position of the waistline is not considered in places with high ground levels such as bay window sills.

The second bottom line is not to deliberately lower the bottom line of cost based on the selling price of the product or the amount of profit, that is, shoddy. Counter-example: PVC heat insulation strips pretend to be PA 66 heat insulation strips, and brand heat insulation strips are used; fake hardware pretends to be imported hardware; small workshop glass pretends to be qualified products; non-stainless steel screws pretend to be stainless steel.

The third line that merchants should abide by is to take relevant norms and standards as the bottom line. Home improvement doors and windows are not as strict as building doors and windows (such as door and window companies bidding for real estate companies), which have strict specifications, standards, and supervision. Most consumers come into contact with home improvement door and window companies. Their specifications and requirements depend entirely on the boss's learning ability and implementation attitude. . Therefore, if you ask whether a store has followed the norms, you can completely see whether they are "good people".

For example, Baydee often complies with "Zhejiang Province Building Doors and Windows Application Building Regulations" (DB33/1064-2009) for example: the screw spacing requirements when installing doors and windows; Scope; the maximum allowable area of ​​glass, etc.

2. live well

It is a door and window merchant, with experience and capabilities in three aspects: recommendation of door and window configuration, design of the scheme, and control of the installation end. For example: How to determine the area of ​​glass in the living room at home, but there are three ways to deal with the same glass price. Some businesses try to save trouble and make the glass as small as possible; The customer pays the hoisting fee by himself; some may measure the size of the elevator in advance, and try to help the customer think beautifully and save money;

In addition, which of the three performance requirements of glass in the home is preferred for heat insulation, sound insulation, and safety; whether the floor finish surface and ceiling height of the home have an impact on the size of doors and windows; whether the doors and windows are installed according to the standard or lazy

3. Good service

It is said that the door and window merchants do not cheat, and can respond quickly in installation and after-sales. For example, once you enter the store, some merchants will try their best to recommend their best sellers (actually the most profitable); Aluminum alloy", "Our glass is South and North Glass", "Our adhesive strip is "automotive grade"".

There are also some "technical terms" that are more difficult to distinguish: the glue injection process is very advanced; the glass fiber insulation strip is better than the nylon insulation strip; the sealing strip is produced by itself; the hollow glass corner spacer is better than the bent type and many more.

Secondly, merchants with good service should be able to quickly respond and solve problems arising from installation and after-sales. For example, in the following example, the sun room merchants actually shirk their waterproofing and who will do it

This is Baydee's 3-point definition of the reliability of a door and window business. Then, Baydee began to try to teach you how to choose "good" merchants

02 How to choose "good" merchants

1. Take the "floor plan" to buy, and the "good" merchants will ask you about your actual situation and needs

When you first enter the store, if the merchant only asks this kind of question, what is your budget? What is the area? Where is your community? Is it to cover the balcony or seal the window? When are you free so we can measure the room?

When answering, you can only say, you can rest assured that ours are the best; our wall thickness is thicker than others; our aluminum is better than others; we have a lot of EPDM strips; It is imported technology; I recommend you this 75 series broken bridge window or 115 series window screening, which is the best seller in our store.

This kind of blindly just wants to know how much your home has before knowing the actual situation and usage needs of your home, and blindly promotes products (and unprofessional), this is not a "good" business.

In order to help you quickly screen such merchants, Baydee teaches you: (1) Before you go to a door and window store, you first take a printout of the floor plan of your home, and ask the merchant with it: Help me see if my house is suitable. Those who can’t even understand the pictures are eliminated directly, and those who look at the pictures and directly tell you what is the best in their house can also be eliminated.

For example, what floor is your home, what do you want to do, and what requirements do you have for doors and windows? Tell you what configurations can be used and estimate the price; introduce the characteristics of other products to you; tell you the source and variety of glass, let you filter different products or configuration prices; remind you of relevant national regulations and other safety matters, etc. These businesses are often more knowledgeable.

2. "Good" merchants will recommend products and add matching according to your needs

When merchants introduce products to you, unreliable merchants will not only use the meaningless catchphrase "Don't worry, we are the best", they will also choose their "hot selling" and "familiar" ( Representative: As soon as you enter the store, there is no reason to recommend the window screen integrated) products to you; most of the products mentioned are our broken bridge aluminum heat insulation pulleys, the series is 70, which is safer and more beautiful, and the wall thickness is 1.4. Environmentally friendly and beautiful, the rubber strip is made of EPDM, the glass is insulating glass for sound insulation and heat insulation, and the hardware is imported (maybe it’s just a handle). almost).

Reliable and experienced merchants can often talk about products according to your actual situation and needs. For example, if your home needs sun protection, it is not recommended to integrate window screens. You can take a look at our heat insulation strips, which are different from others. They are wide in width. It is also a cavity type. The glass can be equipped with three glass and two cavities, and Low-e. The airtightness is the premise. You see how we deal with it...

Oh, you want to solve the sound insulation that has been bothering you for a long time, and have you seen the plastic steel sound insulation windows sold online? Let me tell you this, good sound insulation doors and windows must do two things well, sealing and glass. The sealing depends on the precision of the product, the quality of the rubber strip, and the quality of the installation; for the glass, you have to choose laminated glass. Good plastic-steel windows are of course good, but they are also expensive. If you buy them online, you are afraid that the quality of the plastic-steel lining is not good. After a long time, the plastic steel will not seal as soon as it ages...

3. "Good" merchants will talk about their construction experience

Choosing an experienced door and window merchant is the most important point other than product factors, and the size of the store does not represent experience.

There are two kinds of stores that you should be careful of when choosing doors and windows. One is the experienced old street store. It is likely that his experience only stays in "solving simple problems" (for example: most of the experience is the balcony closure of Zhou Zheng in the old community) . One is the store called Xinjin Wealthy. Many merchants from other industries think that the door and window industry is profitable, so they "spend money" to act as agent brands to enter the mall. This kind of store looks tall on the surface, but its business ability depends entirely on face-saving projects and community sweeping.

Merchants who really have rich experience in installation will talk to you about why they do this: we have made several sunscreens for your sun room in a certain community, which is quite similar to yours. Looking at the photos of your house, the tiles and wall coverings on the beams will have to be removed for waterproofing; your water pipes are suggested to be rerouted, so that it is beautiful and waterproof; the roof drainage should be on the right side, because there is greenery in the community...

Oh, the windows are soundproof! We have made several sets in the community next to the elevated road, what, you also belong to this community, then I will take you to the construction site by the way. The first time we made a 6 mm thick three-cavity two-glass for the customer’s home, and later found that the glass would vibrate slightly, so we adjusted it to 5+ 0.76 pvb + 5 +9 A + 6 hollow laminated glass, The effect is great; sound insulation installation is very important, and some bosses don't fill you with foaming agent to save money...

Some merchants will not tell you such details, door and window decoration Xiaobai can investigate the experience of merchants in this way: ask friends and friends around you how the reputation of this store is; ask the merchant how many years you have been doing it; ask if there is any installation similar to mine For example; ask if you have any installation cases in our community; ask where the construction site is being done recently, and take me to have a look.

Written here, Baydee found that it is much more difficult for consumers to select "three good merchants" than to find good products before they pay. It really needs you as a consumer to have the ability to "know people". Baydee is a bit unwilling to write. In the next article, I will try to list some of the simplest identification skills and come up with a "purchase formula"!