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How to choose invisible and King Kong mesh screens?


01 Introduction and selection of screen window exercises

The main schools of screens are divided into fiber mesh screens and wire mesh screens. Among them, invisible screens and diamond mesh screens are the most widely spread.

The choice of screen window types for home improvement mainly depends on the window type at home and the functional requirements for screen windows. Based on experience, Baydee makes the following recommendations around these two points:

1.1. Invisible screen window

This martial arts method focuses on the fact that the screens can be automatically rewound when the screens are not used, which does not affect the use of doors and windows. It can be called the leader in the world of screens.

Common screen materials for invisible screen windows: glass fiber yarn, polyester yarn, SPL yarn, etc. The material of the screen is generally not a point of purchase. But there are also merchants who divide domestic yarns and imported yarns. For example: I can choose imported yarns, which are stronger and fireproof, but the unit price will be 20 yuan/m. This choice can be made according to your own needs.

The common opening and closing methods of invisible screens are magnetic suction type and lock type:

Common opening methods for invisible screens: generally, there are three types: side-pull type, side-pull type, and pull-down type. The side-pull type and the side-pull type are determined according to the window width of the doors and windows in the home. The side-pull type is generally used in places where the window width is less than 1 m. If the width exceeds this width, it is not conducive to the rebound of the gauze and the probability of failure will increase. Large; the double-pull type is equivalent to a yarn box with two side-pulls, so it can be used in places where 1 m ≤ window opening width ≤ 2 m.

Pricing method of invisible screen window: Take a screen window brand known by Baydee as an example (the same below), the pricing method of side-pull type is: total price = height x unit price, total price = height x unit price x 2, height If it is less than one meter, it shall be counted as one meter.

1.2. Child-proof invisible screen window

"Child protection invisible screen window" is also called screen window guard, protective invisible screen window. It is based on the invisible screen window, and some horizontal bars are added to the screen window frame. Window Danger” function.

Crossbar of child-proof invisible screen window: Generally, the crossbar is a detachable design. Its advantage is that the guardrail can be gradually removed as the baby becomes more sensible, so that it becomes unobstructed.

Application window type of child-resistant invisible screen window: This screen window is generally installed on opening windows and sliding windows.

Pricing methods for child-proof invisible screens: The pricing methods for this type of protective screens are based on the height of the screen, the area and the number. Because there are more materials such as cross bars, the price is generally 1~2 times more expensive than the invisible screen. (not absolutely).

2. Trackless folding screen door

Trackless folding screen door (window, the same below), it is a kind of folding screen door, it is not the same as the invisible screen window: the invisible screen window uses the rewinding of the built-in long spring to make the screen bounce back; the folding screen door is The screen door is controlled by the upper and lower nylon transmission chains and wires. It can stop at any position at will. Its shape is like the paper fan we folded with paper when we were young, so it is also called "organ folding screen window".

Common folding screen doors: with or without tracks, relatively speaking, trackless folding screen doors are more convenient for indoor traffic.

Folding screen doors generally also need to be made into single pull or double pull according to the size of the area. The pricing method is generally area x unit price, and there is a minimum starting area requirement (for example: if the unit is less than 1.6, it will be priced at 1.6 square meters, etc.).

3.1, King Kong mesh screen window

The biggest feature of this school is that the gauze is made of metal material, which is mainly used for protection (or anti-theft) and easy to clean. It has become famous because it fills the disadvantages of invisible screens without protection; but it is also because the metal gauze is more "shading" and more expensive. Factors such as these have never been able to dominate the rivers and lakes.

The common materials of King Kong mesh screens are: 201, 202, 301, 304 and other materials. When choosing this type of screens, don’t be biased by the merchant’s sentence “My material is all stainless steel”. It is also stainless steel. The cost of 201 and 304 (these two are more common) will vary a lot, 201 is easy to rust, and its strength is not as good as 304.

Common styles of diamond mesh screens: According to different opening methods and application window types, diamond mesh screens can be divided into diamond mesh screens, translational diamond mesh screens (doors, the same below), flat opening diamond mesh screens, detachable three Trip-style King Kong mesh screens, frame-in-frame (inner detachable) King Kong mesh screens.

Lock of King Kong mesh screens: All King Kong mesh screens can be locked, which is one of the reasons why it can prevent theft. But in terms of anti-theft, the multi-point lock of the flat opening type is better than the press lock of the sheet yarn and the hook lock of the translation.

The single-opening or double-opening of King Kong mesh screens is also affected by the area, and is usually priced directly by area, but due to raw materials, the unit price is generally several times that of invisible screens.

3.2 Diamond mesh yarn

Diamond mesh yarn, because there is no need to make another window frame track for the screen window, so the price is the cheapest among diamond mesh. However, its application is also demanding. A piece of sheer, as Baydee has learned, requires that the gap between the sash and the track must be greater than 3 mm, and the thickness of the window frame must not be greater than 8 mm.

3.3, translational, flat opening diamond mesh screen window

The two types of window screens, the translation type and the casement type, use the "thickest" material, so the unit price is relatively the most expensive. In terms of suitable window types, some screen window owners will install the translational diamond mesh screen window on the outward opening window, but Baydee does not like this very much. There are two reasons: first, the translational type always blocks the view of a window sash, and the horizontal opening Only in the window part; Secondly, the gap between the translation type and the original window is difficult to solve, and mosquitoes are easy to fly in.

3.4. Detachable three-way type, inner-opening detachable diamond mesh screen window

These two types of screens are more affordable than the sliding casement type. In terms of names, they are all called frame-in-frame. In order to facilitate the distinction, Baydee calls them detachable three-way type and inner-opening detachable diamond mesh screens. In terms of function, compared with other diamond mesh screens, their biggest advantage is "removable", which solves the problems of anti-mosquito, anti-theft and disassembly and cleaning.

In terms of suitable window types, the detachable three-way type is suitable for interior decoration because the handle is more prominent, and is most commonly used for outward-opening windows; compared with the inward-opening detachable diamond mesh screen window, it can also be used for inward-opening and inward-opening. It is more practical because it is opened inward and detachable, which is more convenient for cleaning.

02 Tips for choosing exercises

The types of screen windows are simple, and then we can look at some purchasing skills:

1. Tips for purchasing fiber mesh screens

For invisible screens at the same price, the main points of purchase are the following 7 points, and the first 3 are relatively important:
(1) Ask the merchant about the mesh number of the screen window (the main comparison of cost performance): 18×18 mesh and 18×16 mesh are often seen. The larger the mesh number of the screen window, the smaller the pores, and the better it can block small insects.
(2) Ask the merchant how to reduce the gauze and prevent it from derailing: the "zipper" design shown in the picture below will be better than the general one.
(3) Ask and look at the wool tops of the merchants: ask whether the wool tops have been siliconized, and those that have not been siliconized will lose their wool after one or two years of use; check whether the wool tops are dense and have a moderate overlap;
(4) Check and poke the quality of the gauze: When the invisible screen window is fully opened, poke the gauze hard, feel the good elasticity and leave it, the gauze will be poked out of the pass by you.
(5) Look at the rebound: lightly close the screen window several times (some with locks, some with magnetic strips) to see if the screen window can be retracted slowly into the yarn box by itself. It is better to retract the yarn box by itself than to slide halfway. , the less noisy one is better than the loud one.
(6) Look at the edge parts: the value of metal is higher than that of plastic; the smooth plastic is better than the rough one; (7) Look at the production: whether the gap at the splicing is big or not, and whether the corners of the edge are warped (although you can use pliers Repaired, but not beautiful) There are not many scratches on the overall screen window, and there are no burrs.

In addition, when purchasing protective screen windows, remember to look at the weight of the railing, which is the most intuitive weight; press hard to see if the railing is firm; when purchasing a folding screen door, you can also lie down and compare their chains for quality How, smooth or not.

The most important thing is the warranty. Screens are easy to break, so find someone with a good warranty attitude.

2. Tips for choosing diamond screens

For diamond mesh screens at the same price, the main points of purchase are the following 5 points, and the first 3 points are the main comparison of cost performance:
(1) For stainless steel material, 304 is preferred;
(2) Ask the diamond mesh number and wire diameter, the larger the two numbers, the better;
(3) Ask the wall thickness of the aluminum frame, the thicker the better;
(4) Look at the hardware: because King Kong.com needs to prevent theft, hardware is particularly important. See if you have heard of the hardware brand used (most of the good ones are some well-known domestic brands), and look at the lock points. There are two or three locks. It is much more reliable to order than to have only one.
(5) Look at the production: whether the gap at the splicing part is large, whether the edge corners are warped (although it can be repaired with a vise, but it is not beautiful), whether there are many scratches on the overall screen window, and whether there are burrs.

In addition, for the three-way diamond mesh screen window, it is a big rigid need to choose a detachable screen window that can be easily disassembled; secondly, choose the one with stainless steel springs, and the middle one is closed by the spring. If it goes up, if the spring is rusted and broken, it will pinch your hands when you use it.

The most important thing is the warranty. Screens are easy to break, so find someone with a good warranty attitude.

03 Kung fu training tips

After purchasing the product, let’s learn some installation precautions. Screen windows are much simpler than doors and windows, so there are not many points to pay attention to, so Baydee mainly teaches you how to check and accept. If the following points of acceptance fail to pass, no money will be given:

1. Installation acceptance experience

(1) The level is very important. It will affect the appearance if it is light, and it will affect the use if it is not closed. The most perfect installation of the screen window should be that the up, down, left, and right in and out volumes are similar, and the second is to ensure that the up, down, left, and right in and out volumes of each independent room are similar.

(2) Check whether the opening and closing of the screen window is smooth. If the resistance is too large, it may be that the level is not in place, or the lock point is not adjusted properly, and the master should adjust it in time.

(3) When installing the screen window, pay attention to the drainage position. Some installers will be very impatient, and they don't know that the outer frame of the screen window blocks the drainage holes of the doors and windows. Generally speaking, the accurate measurement of the size of the screen window will not block the drainage holes. In special cases, if the drainage holes of the doors and windows are blocked, we must pay attention to opening new holes.

In general, these are the points for acceptance, and there are other types of screens
(1) The screen of the invisible window screen should be flat and not scratched, and the screen will not come out of the track when retracted;
(2) Confirm that the detachable screen window can be disassembled smoothly, etc.

In addition to these acceptance experiences, Baydee recommends that you let the installer
(1) Do not drill the screws directly, "counterbore type" + hole cover, so that the screws are invisible and more beautiful;
(2) Some screws can also be driven in from outdoors (or hidden places);
(3) The screws should be made of stainless steel, which is not easy to rust;
(4) Pay attention to protection during installation, because the home has been decorated, so it is best to put a piece of cardboard or something on the installation site.

2. Some intractable diseases and solutions

(1) The thick handle hits the screen window: There are two methods, simply replace the handle of the window with a flat handle, and place a square tube around the troublesome screen window frame to increase its thickness;
(2) The sliding window frame and sash protrude outside the track: in this case, it is best to install King Kong mesh screens outdoors;
(3) The curtain is too close to the window frame: generally only the curtain track can be moved;
(4) The ceiling is lower than the door and window frame: the upper frame of the screen window is glued, and the rest of the place is installed with screws, which basically does not affect the use;
(5) Install screens on casement windows with hand cranks and motors: the position of the lower track of the screens is moved to the top of the influencing device.

Alright, so far, the teaching of "Baydee's screen window purchase guide" has been completed. How much have you absorbed?