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Buying system doors and windows can start from the following points


The choice of system doors and windows is indeed a tangled matter, after all, it is a considerable expense.

First of all, congratulations, you have a very clear positioning of your needs, that is, the system doors and windows. The advantages of the system doors and windows, I will not go into details, I believe you have also found a lot of information to understand. The old woodworker Luban doors and windows are simply analyzed from several angles.

The selection of system doors and windows should be considered from several aspects:

Comprehensive cost

The cost of the two brands must be calculated clearly to avoid hidden items. Especially when opening the fan, some quotations do not include glue injection, hardware, etc. There are many factors in the price, first of all, you must have a psychological budget, and then choose the appropriate configuration.

material quality

The quality of the system doors and windows of the brands on the market is not bad. It depends on the profile, craftsmanship, glass, appearance and hardware, and you can feel the fineness of the product through the feel.

Look at the pressure line structure

The crimping structure must be reinforced by the base and fix the glass, and then our crimping will be used for decoration, so that we can fix our entire fixed glass very well, and there will be no autonomous shaking, even if the typhoon weather comes, don’t be afraid .

see section

The incision of the aluminum profile is neat, the color is bright, the anti-oxidation performance is better, and the strength is higher.

see cavity structure

The multi-cavity vertical isotherm structure is adopted to improve the sound insulation and thermal insulation performance of the whole window.

see corner craftsmanship

Looking at the connection process of the corners and the central column, the corners and the central column are all glued, and the glue injection process can make the corners firmer and more sealed.

The window is the connection point between indoor and outdoor. A good window can let us have a panoramic view of the sunrise and sunset all year round. The appearance of the system window satisfies our needs for lighting, ventilation, heat insulation and sound insulation, and waterproofing. The various needs of anti-theft, and only the system window can achieve beautiful appearance. At the same time, it can ensure the temperature of our room no matter the late autumn or winter, and the system window can bring a real comfortable experience to our life.